On Monday, they do the work for me

By Mir
December 15, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Hey, today I don’t even have to look very hard for the toy deals on Amazon—because they’ve thoughtfully put them in the Markdown Monday section for easy access! That was awfully nice of them!

(Uh oh. Extra exclamation points—someone’s had an extra cup of coffee this morning….)

As always, check around to make sure the price really is a good one, but I see several great deals. This Playskool Adventure Squad helmet set looks like a little car junkie’s dream come true, especially at 53% off. And the Mega Bloks Smart Build Piano has been marked down for a while, but not to 65% off like it is now!

For a little bit older kid, you can’t go wrong with the LeapFrog Globe—now the lowest I’ve ever seen it at $44.99 (55% off)—or for your much older kid and Star Wars fanatic, check out LEGO General Grievous for $44.99 (half off).

I won’t list ’em all; there’s a ton of great markdowns on LEGO sets and preschool toys and everything inbetween, too. It almost makes me love Mondays.



  1. That price on Helmet Heroes is INSANE! Glad it’s under our tree from my inlaws and not me… 🙂

  2. I paid $34.99 for that Helmet Heroes last month! My kid better really like it!

  3. My nephew was dying for a helmet heroe so I shopped around and thought I got the best price…and then this comes up at almost half of what I paid for it…UGHH! Oh well at least my nephew will be happy.

  4. That price on the PLEO is insane. I just checked at TOys R Us and it was $350. It’s showing $150 on Amazon right now. I’m still not buying it for my kids…they have too much stuff already. But my 10 year old played with it at a (rich) friend’s house and it was endlessly fascinating for him.

  5. There are some great preschool toys on there for $5.99! I just stocked up on my birthday party closet! And I’m still in my free shippping Prime phase…woo hoo!

  6. I highly recommend the Playskool ball popper. That is a great price and it’s totally worth it at an even higher price. Ds has had it 10 months now and still play with it every day.

  7. Now you are just causing me agnst, Mir. I JUST got my nephew a LEGO Star Wars set at TRU this weekend, but that General Grievous is the same price and much much cooler. And I have Prime free shipping…to return or not to return?

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