Leapster deal

By Mir
December 17, 2008

Catch it if you can—the current Lightning Deal at Amazon is the Leapster2 for $39.99. Get your order up to $60+ of Leapster stuff (buy a game) and you’ll get another $20 off, automatically!


  1. wow. That’s a deal!!!

  2. Oh. Thanks. I guess. More electronics. I’ve been trying to get a used one on ebay but keep missing out on the right one. So new for us. From China. Guilty. It’s that damn, free Amazon Prime I love so much. I’ll miss it so much.

  3. Oh bummer, I missed it. I’ve been looking around for this…but unfortunately I do have to work…darn job! LOL!

  4. I missed it too! Rats. Ah well… I’m hoping for a post-holiday sale for my kid who turns four just weeks after Christmas…

  5. Looks like the leapster is still $39.99 today

  6. Should I be grumpy that we already got one of these at full price? Nah, it makes my dad happy to know he got the grandkids something they really wanted.

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