Wii Fits in stock!

By Mir
December 17, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Hurry hurry—Wii Fits are in stock at Amazon!

… and they’re gone again. Amazon, you’re such a tease.


  1. how do you do it???? amazing! 😉

  2. $180 for the game and shipping. I think I can’t afford to be wii fit:).

  3. gone

  4. Anna – You can sign up for text alerts for when they are in stock. That’s how we got our Wii – for the really low price – during the summer.

    Or we can just let Mir do all the work for us too – 😉

  5. Gah! I want one of those. But not for 150.00. They are 89 at walmart if they would ever get any in stock.

    I JUST got the Wii last time Amazon did a flash round of those. Now I have to babysit it for the Wii fit.

  6. There’s hope… they were in stock for a little bit longer this time. I saw a notice that they would be in stock at 5:45pm PST, and 15 minutes after that they were still in stock. Not sure what time they sold out.

  7. ToysRUs has them in stock – and if they are out, they will email you when they are back in stock. I had no problem getting one this weekend after trying for only 1 day.

  8. Watch Wal-Mart.com. I got Wii fit and the 5-in-1 bundles for $120 shipped free site-to-store last week. I got some nifty cheap Wii games thanks to Mir (and Amazon)

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