Games! Or perhaps I should say Gamez!

By Mir
December 18, 2008

Still looking for some great deals on video games for the kids? Amazon has Select Ubisoft games on buy one, get one free right now. There are titles available for the Wii, DS, Playstation 2, and GBA, and PC.

My daughter loves those Petz games. I’ve heard good things about the Imagine games, too, though we don’t have any of those.

What did we ever do before video games…?


  1. Thaks Mir! I ordered a couple. They are not going to be here by Christmas though.

  2. Thank you, Pretty Mir! A family member wanted to know what to get for DD, and I just pointed her in that direction (through your link, of course)!! DD was just telling me she wanted Imagine Ballerina!!

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