I do love a multi-purpose gift

By Mir
December 18, 2008

So, I’ve been watching this Moon Sand Treasure Kingdom set at Amazon, because it’s normally $30 and it’s currently down to just $7.99. That’s a pretty fabulous price, obviously, but I’ve read a lot of complaints about how messy it is, and how it sticks in carpets and stuff.

(I find it amusing that people are surprised that sand sticky enough to build with might be messy. Go figure!)

But then, two things happened. First, a friend of mine told me that she loves this stuff, not the least of which because she only lets her kids play with it out on the porch. You want to play with the Moon Sand? Sure! Get out of my house!

And second, it occurred to me that this may be the finest passive-aggressive “here’s something for your kid that’s going to make you insane” gift in the history of gift-giving. That perfect parent at school, who never has a hair out of place? Her kid would love this set at his next birthday party. Trust me!


  1. LOL. We have this stuff, too. It MUST stay in the kitchen on the tile. The great thing is that it just sweeps up with a broom. It doesn’t stick to the wood floor.
    I just can’t figure out what it is. My hubby and I have decided that it’s some kind of dryer lint.
    Thanks for the perfect stocking stuffer idea!

  2. We have special containers that have to be used when the Moon Sand is played with. It is NOT allowed to go outside of those containers. I thought it wouldn’t be a problem when I bought it, but sticking together doesn’t keep small bits from falling on the floor, and if it gets in the carpet, no vacuum will get it out. It is evil stuff, absolutely evil.

  3. Don’t tell me its awful! We just got this for DD (and it wasn’t 7.99…it was more than that) from amazon. Hmmm…now I need to find a play safe area for it. Especially with my wild son!

  4. we love moon sand, it can keep my 5 and 7 year old occupied for a long time . . . and their friends! we play on kitchen floor too, or once while cleaning garage with my husband the girls had a moon sand extravaganza on the driveway . . . it’s addicting even for adults.

  5. Yeah we had some for about an hour, then the person who gave it to us offered to take it with her and just return it…we were getting ready to move and the kids are small. I’m good without it but you make a good arguement.

  6. I haven’t had problems with it. We have a “cookie sheet” rule for moon sand, playdough and Floam — the kids work with it on rimmed cookie sheets on the counter in the kitchen. That contains about 90% of the stuff and then I can sweep up what falls on the tile floor.

    Thanks for the good price. I’m going to stock up for birthdays!

  7. Bought some for my 4-yr-old son… I’m thinking screened in porch. Or there was a good suggestion in the reviews on amazon… a big sheet on the floor. When they’re done, just grab the corners and pour the bits of stuff back in the case.

    I might go back and order another to stick in the birthday closet. Great price Mir, thanks!

  8. Evil vile stuff on carpets. But as a passive-aggressive gift…I like your style.

  9. Oh, MEL. You just made my day. I love your idea of the cookie-sheet rule and have just rightthissecond implemented it for our house! Thank you SO MUCH!

  10. I bought three 10 pound buckets of the stuff on huge discount from Amazon, dumped it in an under bed storage bin, and my husband built a simple frame. We keep it outside and it’s the most played-with toy we’ve ever had.

  11. I just hate that stuff. Even if they only use it outside and on a cookie sheet. The kids liked it, though not as much as clay or playdoh. I will say it tends to get used up quickly. I might buy it on sale as the passive-aggressive gift you mention, however.

  12. I included Moon Sand in my list of “Gifts for the Children of Moms You Hate” on the Chicago Moms Blog. Heh.

  13. We play with this practically daily in the dining room which has carpet (don’t ask me why) and it has never stuck to it. I just pick up the big pieces and vacuum up the rest.

    Much better than playdough.

  14. My son adores Moon Sand. Plays with it constantly. I put out newspaper on the kitchen table, and then vacuum afterwards. No worse than most ‘creative’ toys, and WAY less annoying than the playdoh that sticks to carpets and NEVER COMES OFF.


  15. I have never had a problem with it sticking to my carpet. I always vacuum after my son plays with it. My son has sensory integration dysfunction and it is a great thing for him to get sensory input from. He plays with his on the (carpeted) living room floor. He won’t sit on the kitchen floor because of the way it feels. We love this stuff. It does seem to disappear fast though. I am always opening more bags of it. I like the sheet idea. I will have to see if he will sit on a sheet to play with it.

  16. Did you all know how easy it is to make your own moon sand? Just google ‘moon sand recipe’ and the first hit will give you instructions.

    I’ve thought for a while now that it would be a great birthday party activity to have each child choose a color of sand and make his or her own moon sand. Then when the party was over, they could take their sand home with them.

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