Luke, I am your Pop(-Up)

By Mir
December 18, 2008

My son has just entered the Star Wars Infatuation Phase. (Please hold me.)

You know I’m a fool for Sabuda and Reinhart pop-up books, right? Because I’ve only recommended various ones here about a thousand times? So honestly, what am I supposed to do now that I’ve discovered they make a Star Wars: Pop-Up Guide to the Galaxy book, especially when I see that it’s nearly half-off?

My hand is hovering over the purchase button….


  1. Buy it! We have it. It even has a special effect (lights).


  2. I was wondering if anyone had any success signing up for the $59 Amazon Prime promo who already had the free trial?

    I just called and was told that you could only get the $59 offer if you never had a Prime account OR a Prime trial. I can’t find that rule anywhere on the link you posted, but that’s what the girl said.

    Her only suggestion was to “create a new Amazon account and sign up with that one.”

  3. I can’t use the link from work, but is this book version a Scholastic item? I found a similar item on their website listed at $18.97. I used promotion code FSN25 and got it for $14.23 shipped! (regular ground shipping)

  4. We have it. It’s awesome!

  5. Oh how I love those pop-ups. We have Winter’s Tale, Castles, Wizard of Oz…I think I’ll wait until my son’s a little older to get the Star Wars one. They are worth every penny!!

  6. I’ve seen that book at Marshall;s and TJMaxx for $15. They have other Sabuda and Reinhart books, too – I got an awsome pop-up “guide to dragons” for a future bday present for a friends son.

  7. Oh, Bogartg – thanks! I used the code you posted, and got two copies for $14.23 each! Hope it’s as good as everyone says.

  8. That book is awesome!

  9. We are in the throes of Star Wars with my 7 yo DS. Good luck! I also got the pop-up book for his christmas!

  10. I’ve been looking for a Star Wars gift for someone on my list, and this looks PERFECT! Thanks for posting it! 😀

  11. I bought that for my Son last year for Christmas. He loved it!

  12. Thanks, Mir and bogartg for this great deal AND the discount code to make it extra great! My first-grader will be THRILLED with this book.

  13. My Star Wars-loving son got this for Hanukkah last year (or the year before?) and loved it.

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