Winner of the Oral-B contest (with a bonus)

By Mir
December 18, 2008
Category Contests

Hey, I got the day right and everything, this time.

So we had almost 500 entries in the contest to win an Oral-B Triumph, and as usual I’m feeling sad about only having one to give away. So today I’m going to rectify that, a little.

But first! Our winner! Lucky number 89, please come on down! Our winner is Heather, and boy are her teeth going to be clean. Congratulations, Heather! Please check your email.

Thanks to everyone who played, and special thanks to Oral-B and their helper elves at MS&L for donating the prize.

Didn’t win? Well, how about this: I have some coupons here for free Weight Watchers snack cakes, muffins or cookies. (I think I gave some of these out once before.) The first three people to leave a comment on this post will each receive three coupons. (Please don’t leave your address in the comment. I’ll email you to get your mailing info.) So, um, you won’t have super-teeth, but at least you’ll have some snacks.


  1. Oooh! Oooh! Please pick me! Thank you :). Love this site…

  2. yum, these are good snacks

  3. wee

  4. if you feel like making it 4 i’m in! merry christmas

  5. darn, a little too late.

  6. always late to everything!

  7. rats!

  8. These coupons sure would have come in handy for that diet I will be starting as my new year’s resolution.

  9. You know, that toothbrush is pretty cool, but what would be even better? Instead of sensor that says “you’re brushing too hard”, a system that emails the parents if the child hasn’t brushed.

    “This toothbrush belonging to has not been used in 12h44m.”

  10. darn! I’m too late too. These are yummy snacks! Congrats to the first few!

  11. Snacks always sound good!

  12. Don’t want the coupons, and am starting to get a little suspicious . . . didn’t you give out Weight Watcher stuff coupons after the LAST toothbrush contest too? Now I feel as though I’m being told that I can do without that fancy toothbrush if I could just keep my chubby paws off’n the yummy, real-sugar-filled snacks! 😉

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