Also on my mind: Naps

By Mir
December 22, 2008

I can pretty much take a nap any time, anywhere; I’m talented that way. But for most little kids, they require a fuzzy friend and maybe a soft blanket, right? That’s why the nap(TM) Bear & Blanket Set at Brookstone is such a steal—$14.99 (down from $50) gets you a 24″ bear and coordinating nap blanket, and hopefully a little peace and quiet. If you’re buying for someone else, well, then won’t you look like the big spender!

Sweeten the deal: Coupon code 20VEND will give you 20% off. That’ll help offset the shipping, at least.


  1. This is a great deal! We are nuts about these blankets – they are cozier than anything else we have.

  2. I think I needs me a couple of these bears… Shhhh… don’t tell Sharkey!!

  3. Yay. Buying now – I am soooo into anything cozy.

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