I have warm clothes on the brain

By Mir
December 22, 2008

Oh, wow. Thank you all for running out that giveaway in, like, five minutes. That warmed my heart. And my heart needed warming, because I cannot get over how cold it is here. Brrrrrr! Naturally I have been thinking of nothing but fluffy sweaters and cozy fleeces ever since we arrived. In fact, I’m thrilled that I have to do some work today, because it allows me to sit here with a nice warm computer on my lap. Ahhhhh.

Anyway, of course I was delighted to see that the Lands’ End Winter’s End Savings Event has begun, because it means I can buy all the warm clothes I need, for less!

Just in time for my return to Georgia. Hmmm. (There’s something wrong with this logic, but I’m too chilly to figure out what it is….)


  1. Awesome. They have also marked down stockings and stocking holders (to have for next year, of course). You don’t happen to have a free shipping code do you? The one I had expired yesterday.

  2. It’s the cold – it’s slowing down you brain synapses or something…

  3. I’d love to place an order too but I loathe the thought of paying for shipping…please let us know if they post another free ship code, even if it’s not til after the 25th!

  4. I love Lands End.

    that is all.

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