This Friday has been sanitized for your protection

By Mir
December 26, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Good morning! Did you get everything you wanted for Christmas this year? I got the stomach flu! Next year I am really hoping for Guitar Hero, instead. Sheesh.

If you’re planning to brave the crowds today, my two favorites are Target and Macy’s for half-off holiday items. Macy’s will have the best ornaments and Target will have absolutely everything. (Though if you’re willing to wait a few days, Target will go to 75% off probably on Sunday.)

If you’d rather stay indoors, you’re in luck—we’ve got the Amazon Friday Sale ready to be shopped in our pajamas. (And, in my case, with a nice glass of ginger ale.)

As soon as I can walk upright again, I’m pretty sure I am going to need these shoes in wine. At 70% off, I’d be a fool not to get them, I’m pretty sure.

If you didn’t stock your gift closet pre-holiday, you might want a couple of these Polly Pocket Pop ‘N Swap sets to have on hand for birthday parties. Sure, they creep me out (just pop off the torso! or the feet!) but little girls seem to love ’em, and $6.99 for a $20ish toy is hard to beat. (They also have the Polly Pocket Party boat for $7.99—68% off.)

This’d be a hard one to put away because it’s big, but I do love this Melissa and Doug classic deluxe kitchen, especially at 60% off.

Oh, sure, now they have Bakugan packs marked down. Half off?? They’re mocking me. (I will not mention this to my son, who spent $21 of his own money on a 6-pack last month.)

Need a baby gift? (This is one of those rare times when Amazon’s “original price” is actually low. They’re saying it’s 61% off, but this is normally a $20 toy, so really it’s more like 70% off.)

If you didn’t stock up on cheap flannel sheets before the holiday, now’s your chance! (Actually, the ones before Christmas were printed, and I wanted solids. I’m buying mine today now that the solids are on sale. And, seriously, where else am I going to get a set of king-sized sheets for $8.95??)

This Grillslinger belt makes me giggle. I’d buy it for my husband, but… he’d probably wear it.

Stocking up for next Christmas? Why not make the switch to LED Christmas lights? They’re 78% off, and eligible for the 4-for-3 promo (though that would certainly be a lot of lights).

The Numi tea sets are down to just $15, and code NUMITEAC will still take $10 off of two, so buying two gets you them for $10 each. This is a fabulous gift to have on hand.

I can’t decide if this is brilliant or evil—the EnterTRAINER only allows you to turn on the TV when you’re exercising (by monitoring your heart rate). It’s 32% off, but I think it may just be evil.

Instead of the Friday Five, there’s a ton of year-end MP3 deals to be had, and of course, don’t forget to check out the Gold Box and Lightning Deals throughout the day.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a date with some Saltines.


  1. well that was easy — just restocked the 1st grade girl gift closet, got some lights for next year, and a baby gift! Thanks, sickie! 🙂

  2. I hope you feel better quickly {{{}}}

    I bought one of the Tea Sets as a gift this year and it went over fabulously! Thanks for the great gift idea 🙂

  3. Poor Mir. Hope you feel better soon!

    My husband has been in Iraq, and is home for Christmas. I think he was a little surprised by the, uh, volume of stuff my daughter got. But then he saw the packing slip for the great big box of Lincoln logs and said, “Wait, this was only $20? Why didn’t you get two? We could have given them as presents.” Hee hee. Thanks, Mir!

  4. Hope you get over that stomach bug quickly!

  5. Feel better, sweetie!

  6. I got that bug, too! Be kind to yourself. I’ll hope everyone else hasn’t gotten it, too. We ALL had it at one time at our house. It was VIOLENT.

  7. That grillslinger belt is great! If I order it now, there’s always Father’s Day…

  8. I think I’m going to pick up a couple of the tea sets – I’ve got at least one earmarked as a thank you for SIL for watching my kids while we got to Vegas next month… we hope.

    Hope the crud leaves you quickly, Mir!

  9. wow..wish i had waited on that MD kitchen..btw, if anyone buys that kitchen, make sure that they send you BOTH boxes..i didn’t realize it came in two boxes and ordered it back at the end of october..where it sat in my garage until dec 23, when i took it out and tried to assemble it….and realized half of it was gone…after much screaming at amazon that did no good whatsoever, i was pleased that walmart delivered the rose petal cottage on time. argh.

  10. I caught the stomach flu for Thanksgiving, so I can sympathize. If it’s the same one, it’s nasty but short-lived. Thanks for all the good deals– my gal’s favorite gift was the Rose Petal market, and it was a last-minute impulse buy thanks to you!

  11. I really wanted to try that tea set but they don’t ship to APO addresses. 🙁

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