Also, it’s Monday

By Mir
December 29, 2008

I can’t keep track of the days during vacation. It has all blurred together into one gigantic day of chaos. (Hello, I must be going. And why aren’t you kids in school??)

Nevertheless, the days march onward. And apparently today is Monday, which means it’s time for the Amazon Monday Toy Markdown, and I know, who could possibly need more toys at this point? Also, some of the prices aren’t that thrilling, true.

But I’m pointing it out because there are multiple games for the Leapfrog Didj that are about half off, so it’s worth taking a look if a short person in your life received one of those over the holidays.

But, seriously, when is school starting up again? Because there are an awful lot of children underfoot.

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  1. Shhh: don’t say the S word quite yet. I’m still recovering from those last few days of chaos before break.

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