More Monster Sale

By Mir
December 29, 2008

It seems like the big Monster Sale at The Children’s Place is a more or less continuous thing, but I just noticed that they have a separate section of $9.99 and under items, now, which means we’re headed into the lowest prices of the season on a bunch of clearance.

The last 15% off coupon has expired, looks like, but try using code NEXTJ78 for 10% off on top of the sale prices. Shipping is always a flat $5, no matter how much you order.

I love me some Children’s Place. Next year my daughter will have completely outgrown them, and I will weep. And then I will have to ask my doctor for some tranquilizers, because I fear that’s the only way I’ll be able to manage shopping in the Juniors section for my little girl. *sniffle*


  1. I get a free online shipping code card at the bricks and mortar Children’s Place whenever they are out of stock on something I wanted to buy. In my case, my store never stocks a lot of shoes, so I ask for the code so I can buy some. Since I figured out this trick, I haven’t paid for shipping again. Of course it does require a visit to the store itself, but I got a card a few weeks ago in anticipation of the Monster Sale, so I’m good to go! To clarify, the code is good for free shipping to your home, not to the store.

  2. Is it just me or are the sales and inventory not that great this year (not just at Children’s place, but everywhere)? Where’s my “was $50 now $10” coats? $2.99 shirts? Huge selection of Christmas trees at 90% off? Target did this at Halloween, too (at least, the one here did). The week before, the store had practically nothing left. A depressing sign of the times, I guess. Oh well, at least there’s still Amazon (and want not, of course).

  3. Hanna has their big sale going on now and I’m a bit disappointed with their inventory.

  4. My daughter who is almost 10 says no way to this store now. Drives me crazy.

  5. Thanks, Mir! My son’s favorite color is orange – and they had four shirts in his size in orange online. I got all of them – I think he looks pretty good in orange, and I certainly appreciate his exuberant sense of color. (I’ll stick to black and neutrals for my own wardrobe).

  6. Thanks for the TCP code! Their shipping is so reasonable, but if I get 10% off and I order more than $50, it’s like getting free shipping, which is even better!

  7. Just so you know, today, 1/14, that there code still works. And 10% off is not so shabby when you’ve got multiple bathrobes to buy.

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