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By Mir
December 30, 2008
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There was a small part of me that was thinking of picking up Rock Band after the holidays, you know, for the kids. (Erm, the kids who aren’t yet old enough to play it. But I was just being proactive, you know.) But somehow, once all was said and done, we had not only a new Wii Fit but eight other new games for the kids. (Hey, I only bought two of them.) So… I can’t really justify it, now.

But if you can, it looks like Amazon’s got Guitar Hero World Tour for the Wii marked down to $159.99 with free shipping. That’s the entire band kit, so that you can rock out in style.

I’ll, um, just be over here playing Mario Kart.


  1. oooo so tempting.

  2. Chickadee and Monkey aren’t too young for Rock Band. We have it (for PS3) and we ALL love it. We’ve been loving Guitar Hero for Wii, too…I got a blister on my thumb from playing, the first time. LOL And, Sydney loves Wii Music, did you guys get that? I sure wish we could use all the PS3 instruments with the Wii, though.

  3. If ya wanna, you can come to my house to play RockBand!
    But could you, um, bring Mario Kart with you???

  4. This price is also good for the 360.

  5. Did you get the Wii Fit, too? I’ve heard you can play some of the games with your butt — maybe Mario Kart?

  6. Oh you tempt me so….. this is not good.

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