Spend more, save more

By Mir
January 7, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I have very mixed feelings about those “spend more, save more” kinds of coupons. On the one hand, isn’t that everything that’s wrong with the American consumer-centric mindset about having more stuff? But on the other hand… oooh! Savings! Yay!!

I’m a very conflicted person. It’s hard being me, y’all.

Maybe you’ve still got some holiday money or a bit of mad money on hand, and if so, why not get yourself a good deal if you’re planning to spend it, anyway? So here you go: Right now at Macy’s, they’re giving you extra savings on all sorts of stuff. Spend $100, save $25. Spend $150, save $50. Spend $200, get $75 off! Clearance and some other items are excluded, but a quick look reveals that it applies to all kinds of things.

And if you’re going to be shopping, anyway, you might as well save some dough….


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