Friday frosting-palooza

By Mir
January 9, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

My son has one of those over-the-holiday-break birthdays. And I don’t want to be the mother who gets the kids all jacked up on sugar the first day back from break. So—despite the fact that he’s already had three different birthday celebrations (it’s hard, being him)—today’s Amazon Friday Sale comes with a side of two dozen cupcakes for his class. (With sprinkles!) We know how to end a week, ’round here.

Need a backpack? Say, one with a special padded compartment for your laptop? Check out this Columbia Cyberpack Backpack for just $14.99 and free shipping eligible. This is also a good one if your college student came home over break complaining about a wrecked pack, and you had to deliver a lecture about the value of money and taking care of your things. (See, you could buy this one and pretend you spent a lot more, to keep the guilt trip going.)

Sure, it’s a little late in the season for knee-high boots, but not if they’re 58% off. I’m not made of stone, people. (Though I do like how they call the 3.5″ heel “mid-height.” Remind me never to buy “high” heels from Amazon!)

While $37.99 isn’t a huge reduction on the Zojirushi Mr. Bento, it pretty much never goes on sale. Also, it’s eligible for the 4-for-3 promotion, which is always nice.

Need just a couple of pans, maybe as replacements or to start off a newly-on-their-own kid? Check out this Calphalon pair for $39.99. They’re just the right size for cooking for just one or two people, and they’ll last forever. (If you need the entire set, that’s on sale, too.)

The Dream Supreme pillows are back (winner: best pillow name ever)! They’re $25.99 for a pair, which is supposedly 76% off. Great reviews.

The world’s best tea—PG Tips—continues to be an excellent deal, provided you drink a lot of tea (I do!) or have friends with whom to share. Choose 640 tea bags for $25 ($21.25 with Subscribe & Save), 320 tea bags for $14 ($11.90 with Subscribe & Save), or 240 tea bags for $12 ($10.20 with Subscribe & Save). I know I hawk this tea all the time; it is one of my very favorite things. (And unlike Oprah’s favorite things, mine are actually affordable for us commoners.)

Eating gluten-free? Stock up on Pamela’s Ultimate Baking Mix—3 64-ounce packages are just $30 ($25.50 with Subscribe & Save). We did a brief gluten-free stint here and I feel confident telling you that everything except the Pamela’s mix that claimed to be a viable baking substitute tasted like sand. The Pamela’s was actually pretty good, though.

Don’t forget to check out the Friday Five, five MP3 albums for just $5 each, today only.

Have a great Friday, and here—have some extra sprinkles.


  1. We love this tea! When my husband’s parents (who are English) come to visit we don’t let them bring clothes in their suitcase, just PG Tips. So maybe now at this price we’ll let them bring a change of underwear or something.

    Thanks for all your great tips. (Seriously, no pun intended 🙂

  2. I’m wondering what we all did before “palooza” entered the vernacular? It’s so good for so many things…

  3. Sprinkles make the world go round!!!

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