Who Mir What Now?

By Mir
January 12, 2009
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Oh, hey. Wasn’t I just talking about how it’s Monday, and that’s great, and I was all “Yes! It’s Monday!” and then… I’m not sure what happened. I was going along on my merry way and then, suddenly, Monday was nearly over. And I realized I’d forgotten to post a contest.

(I also realized I’d forgotten to: Eat lunch, get dressed, schedule that appointment I’d been meaning to schedule, and drink enough water.)

Perhaps I hit my head this morning and gave myself amnesia? It could happen. Maybe. Look, I really just don’t know, okay? But what I do know is that I have a copy of Who Bob What Pants, suitable for any SpongeBob SquarePants fan, sitting here on my desk. Waiting for you. Or someone like you. Wait, who are you, again?

To enter for a chance to win this stunningly intellectual DVD (I lost my memory, not my sense of humor), first review the standard contest rules and regulations and then leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. Eastern (8:59 p.m. Pacific) on Wednesday, January 14th, 2009. Winner to be determined by random number generation, assuming that I remember I’m running contest. Heh.

Ready? Go!


  1. Yay!

  2. WooHoo! Go Patrick!

  3. Maybe this is my lucky number . . .

  4. There’s never enough Spongebob in our house. Wait, did I really say that?

  5. We love the yellow sponge around here. So, I’m throwing my name in the hat. 🙂

  6. enter me!

  7. Oh, boy we love us some Spongebob!!!!! please pick me!

  8. great give away. Just in time for Feb birthdays. Thanks

  9. F is for fire that burns down the whole town. U is for … uranium bombs! N is for no surVIVors…

  10. I love asking my four-year-old, with great seriousness, “who lives in a pineapple under the sea?”

  11. HOORAY!!!

  12. Hook me up!

  13. Sweet Mir,
    Yeah sponge Bob book!!!

  14. “Ohhhhh! Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?”
    “Spongebob Squarepants!”

    This is a classic song in our house, guaranteed to get my 4 y/o moving… 😉

  15. oh, the daughter loves some Sponge Bob

  16. Everone loves a sponge who wears pants!! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

    Beth B. (mommy to a 5-yr old Spongebob fan)

  17. love me some spongebob, takes me back to my college days 🙂

  18. I think it’s high time my PBS loving toddler grew to appreciate cartoon sponges!

  19. Thanks Mir!

  20. I am not a proud mother to admit that my daughter can “quote” whole spongebob squarepants scripts word for word…but she can. I have tried to steer her in the right direction, really I have…but the power of the sponge is just too great a force to reckon’ with! I humbly hang my head in shame! :}

  21. Both my kiddos love sponge bob! count us in please!

  22. I hate Spongebob but my kids love him. Ok, I love him a little. I just don’t love my kids repeating him. We’re in a bit of denial here so I know we would enjoy your Who Bob whatevers DVD in case we find 1/2 hour in the day where he isn’t on or if he (God forbid) falls off the face of the earth or if Squidward finally gets his way and offs that meal ticket of his. Let’s pretend we didn’t have this conversation (except the part where I enter the contest), K? Thanks.

  23. My nephew would love this!

  24. Gary is my favorite 🙂

  25. We love spongebob!

  26. pick me! pick me! got a couple of spongebob fans in da house!

  27. I love Spongebob! (Even though I’m 24…)

  28. My son loves the spongebob!

  29. My nephews would love this. Thanks.

  30. Sounds great!

  31. sign me up…my kids love SpongeBob

  32. This would be great!

  33. This would be great

  34. official comment by me

  35. Yes, of course, we need to quote more Spongebob lines around here! 🙂

  36. Would love to try for this

  37. We forgive your forgetfulness! 🙂

  38. If I could remember I would tell you how I forget things all the time.

  39. Thanks Bubble Buddy.

  40. My kids would love it. So would my husband. Me, not so much 😉

  41. Spongebob for President!

  42. Oooh, we love Spongebob. Pick me, random number generator!

  43. I’m in! Thanks for the chance to win!

  44. Fan! Right here! :o)

  45. Keep the good things coming.

  46. My son loves spongebob – please pick us random generator : )

  47. Great giveaway! We LOVE SpongeBob!

  48. I’m waiting for my preschooler to outgrow Spongebob, but since that doesn’t appear to be happening anytime soon, count me in! 🙂

  49. Spongebob rules!

  50. Pick me, please? My kids would be thrilled!

  51. My daughter would totally love this for her birthday next month. Thanks!

  52. Count me in please!!

  53. Why not. I’ll give it a go.

  54. My nephew loooooooves Spongebob! What a great gift!

  55. We can always use more animated movies.

  56. Oh my gosh, both of my kids love love love Spongebob. I would be the best mom ever if I gave them this.

  57. I don’t know why, but my son loves the yellow dude – this would be great!

  58. My kids would love this! Thanks for the giveaway!

  59. Thanks for the contest!

  60. Pick me, pick me…Pretty Please!? 🙂

  61. Oh, now I’ve got that song in my head.

  62. My children are in yellow sponge withdrawal since we cut back our cable to local channels only. They would be eternally grateful and promise never to visit if I win. 😉

  63. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea — Count me in!

  64. we’d love it!

  65. Have you ever noticed the blank stare on a child’s face as they watch Spongebob? It just sucks them in and won’t let their little brains go. My daughter loves that show and although I hate it when that theme song gets stuck in my head, she would love this dvd.

  66. I love sponge bob

  67. oh my daughter LOVES sponge bob!

  68. sadly my kids like him as well lol

  69. Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Who lives in a pineapple under the seaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?? Count me in, all four chillens love the porous fellow and friends.

  70. Spongebob = funny!!

  71. I have two Sponge Bob lovers here! Count me in!

  72. Perfect for us! We love to tease my lover-off-all-things-yellow-and-porous by coming up with our own titles. SpongeBobDumbPants is a perennial favorite, sure to get a reaction every time!

  73. Hey Mir! This would go over so well in my house. Please enter me! Thanks!

  74. My family loves this guy!

  75. Seriously, we’re watching it before bedtime, right now. Mermaid Man’s looking for eeeviiiillll!

  76. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!

  77. I’m torn about SpongeBob, but my daughter likes it.

  78. Mir! this might be the year for a win!

  79. My three year old would LOVE you!!!

  80. I live in a pineapple under the sea…

  81. Don’t be a crabbycake, let my granddaughter win this video! She is addicted to the little sponge and friend starfish Patrick.

  82. Welcome to my world.

  83. Hysterical! You AND Who Bob What What? You can send this to my house please please.

  84. Yay!!!!

  85. Too cool!

  86. Bob’s the best!!

  87. Gotta add to the song – “absorbant and yellow and porous is he, SpongeBob SquarePants”. 🙂 We loved WhoBob WhatPants movie here – would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this!

  88. The whole family loves Spongebob!

  89. My son would go ballastic if we won this!!!

    Thanks for the chance!

  90. Sign me up! We could use some laughs around here.
    Thanks, pretty one.

  91. We are always in need of some spongebob over here!

  92. Thanks for the contest – my son AND my husband would be so excited to have some Spongebob in our house.

  93. Ooo – Ooo – Ooo, Pick Me!

  94. No, pick me!

  95. I’m in.

  96. Huge Spongebob fan in this house, who just happens to have an eighth birthday coming up in less than two weeks. We’re totally in.

  97. We don’t have cable (too cheap to pay $54 a month!)..that would be like a super treat for the kids… and me!

  98. We love Spongebob here, we’d love to win!

  99. Pick me! Pick me!

  100. Spongebob is a favorite in our house!!

  101. Bring it on…pretty Mir!

  102. We love spongebob!!

  103. My daughter sometimes asks why Squidward is always so mad and grumpy and unhappy. I guess I’ve successfully concealed from her that her mommy IS Squidward!

  104. My son loves Sponge Bob!

  105. we love the sponge here! I am spongeworthy…oops wait that was another show…..

  106. Sponge Bob FTW~~

  107. Smiles!

  108. OH I would love it.

  109. I have no small children in the house anymore, but I love Spongebob. Is that wrong?

  110. SpongeBob wants to come home to me!!

  111. My girls love SpongeBob all of the sudden. It seems like he is always on tv! I can’t stand the show, but my kids sure would love you.

  112. I’ve driven my son crazy guessing a ton of wrong titles for this, “What Bob Who Pants”, No “Where Bob When Pants” No “Who Pants Where Bob” The fun can go on for hours.

  113. Perfect gift for my son’s 7th birthday, coming up Jan. 21…so I know the random number generator likes me better than anyone else.

  114. Me me me!

  115. This could get me through some cold weather!

  116. I have a big SpongeBob fan at home, so count me in!

  117. Who doesn’t love spongebob!?

  118. My friend’s little boy LOVES Sponge bob and has a birthday coming soon. I could be cool Aunt Karen!

  119. My daughter has really taken to Sponge Bob…

  120. SpongeBob SquarePants! SpongeBob SquarePants! SpongeBOB!!!!! SquarePants!

    Pick us. We watch day and night.

  121. I’m not a SpongeBob fan, but I can’t pass up a contest! If I win, give it to #2, my favorite number.

  122. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?


  124. my kids would love this!

  125. My oldest daughter is crazy for the Bob. I just want to try a Crabby Patty.

  126. NAutical nonsense is something I wish, so I will drop on the deck and flop like a fish… or at least enter this contest. : )

  127. Pick us, we love SB!

  128. Hurray for SpongeBob!

  129. Perfect item for the gift closet – a birthday party gift for free. Take that, recession!

  130. My kids would love me forever!

  131. I would like to have it plaease.

  132. We need some Spongie!

  133. My 5 year old just loves SpongeBob!! Pick us and his Easter basket will have the surprize of his life.. WOO HOO!!

  134. Try again in the New Year.

  135. My 6 year old son is a Spongebob FANATIC! Please pick me, oh random number generator!

  136. I love Sponge Bob!

  137. I’m a sucker for a male with a huge gap between his front teeth!

  138. My girls *love* Bob Bob (as they call him – they’re 2)!!!!

  139. Yay!

  140. Who Bob What Pants!

    HA! That cracks me up!

  141. Dear son loves the sponge and would be thrilled!

  142. Who Bob Wants Pants!

  143. My oldest son loves him some Spongebob!!

  144. Not only do my kids think SpongeBob is funny, their dad and I laugh at him too. Yay for a movie we can all watch together!

  145. My nephew would love this!

  146. Ooh ooh, please please pick me! My two year old would love this, and it would really keep him busy as we have a baby on the way!

  147. This would be great!

  148. me me me!

  149. oh, we’d love this (we = my girls, but it’s better than most kid shows)

  150. All hail, Spongebob, the king! 🙂

  151. I believe that is the ONLY Spongebob DVD we don’t have.

  152. Oooh, my son would love this, unfortunately for me.

  153. My husband and Son would LLLLLOOOOOOVVVVVE this one!

  154. I’m in for my sponge bob hubby

  155. My boys would be all for this (and maybe me too)! 🙂

  156. The title alone makes me love Spongebob even more!

  157. Love this show!

  158. Pick me, Pick me!! 🙂

  159. Ooh OOh! Fun stuff.

  160. When my daughter was 2 or 3, she called Sponge Bob “Scunge Bob Scare Pants.”

    Of course, that is now his permanent name in our house.

  161. We love sbob.

  162. This is for my sister who loves him.

  163. Super de-duper!

  164. My 20 month old daughter loves Sponge Bob, she even sings the song!

  165. My 5 and 2 year olds love Sponge Bob.

  166. THANKS for the reminder! We are a Spongebob household!!

  167. Pick me pick me please :):):):)

  168. Yeah . . . more Spongebob . . . and yes . . . that is sarcasm!!

  169. I’m ready! Promotion!

  170. While I have no personal love for Sponge Bob,my kids absolutely adore him(even my 16 year old,who would deny it if asked,lol).So here I am for them:)

  171. You can’t have too much SpongeBob.

  172. Yeah, more Spongebob!!!

  173. He lives in a pineapple under the sea…

  174. Would make my kids very happy… 🙂

  175. WOW – what a cool grandma I would be if I won.

  176. Yahoo!

  177. Spongebob is the coolest!!

  178. Dreaming of what I could get done with 78 minutes sans toddler. Pick me!

  179. Oohh! My son would just adore me (and you!) (and the pretty, pretty random number generator!)

  180. Awesome! I have three sons who would love this!

  181. What a fun video!!! You’re so pretty, Mir.

  182. Winn-a, Winn-a, Winn-a?!

  183. I need more dead brain cells. pick me

  184. My three yr. old boy would love it!

  185. One can never have enough Spongebobby( as my kids call it)!

  186. Love the Spongebob. Really.

  187. My grandson LOVES Spongebob!!!

  188. My son’s favorite phrase is “more! Spongebob! Please?” With the “more” and “please” portions in sign language. Do you think Spongebob has a sign in ASL?

  189. My kids love SpongeBob!

  190. We warmly refer to our daughters language development right now as “the cave woman” stage…yet we can understand when she says SPONGE BOB SQUARE PANTS. She would love it. 😀

  191. My horde loves SpongeBob. This would be awesome.

  192. Oh my boys would LOVE LOVE LOVE this as I refuse to spend money on a sponge that wears pants. But, if I won it? then they could have it. 🙂

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