Even crazier prices at Crazy 8

By Mir
January 14, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

You know how I love a good sale at Crazy 8. Love. And I’m sitting on my hands, right now, because my kids are well-outfitted for now and even have stacks of next-size-up clothes waiting in their closets. But maybe you need a few things for your kids…?

If so, check out the further markdowns on hundreds of adorable items. Shipping is always just a flat $5, and you can use coupon code FREE10 to take $10 off your $30+ order.

Also, be impressed that I typed this while sitting on my hands. My nose is really tired.


  1. I love Crazy 8 clothes, but I really, really wish their website would let you search by size. It would save me so much time, especially on their sale section.

  2. Okay, wow. I just got 5 shirts, a pair of jeans, and a headband that might even be able to deal with my daughter’s baby-fine hair for less than thirty bucks!

    They’re a size up, so I can finally take that brick off the top of her head. 😉

  3. Ditto Summer. I love their stuff, but searching by size would be such a welcome addition to their site!

  4. you are killing me here! I looked and decided we didn’t need anything but then I see the 10 off 30 and how can I resist?? I see there are some short sleeve stuff so maybe I can buy for spring/summer.

  5. I wish that you could search by size like on Gymboree…

  6. Just got a jacket, two pairs of pants, shirt and tie for $31. Mir you rock!!!

  7. Is that owned by Gymboree? How’s the quality on the clothing?

  8. I’d like to know about quality as well. I’ve never heard of Crazy 8 and there isn’t a location close by me. We’re well stocked for this size and hopefully the next, but I’m worried about my used clothing sources and need to have some good retail options in my back pocket.

  9. It is owned by Gymboree, and by the way their stuff is holding up this winter (which I bought LAST winter), I’d say it’s good quality. Thanks for posting this. I just bought 7 shirts and 1 pair of pants for just over $30! Loved the extra $10 off especially!

  10. A friend and I were just saying how we needed to get the kids winter stuff for next year. Score!

  11. In the newborn section (not the sale section unfortunately) those monkey, frog, and ladybug outfits are the CUTEST.

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