Can I get an amen?

By Mir
January 16, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Some weeks end with Friday. Other weeks end with ohmygoshfinallyit’sFriday! I think you know what kind of week this was.

Oh, Amazon Friday Sale. You are the frosting on my distinctly un-cake-like week. Thank you.

… except that I’m not seeing anything all that new or exciting. (Not that it’s not worth a browse, just that nothing is knocking my socks off that hasn’t been there in the last few weeks.)

Of course there’s also the Friday Five, five MP3 album downloads for just $5 each, if your day needs some new tunes.

I suppose even Amazon’s entitled to an off day, but sheesh. I need my Friday bargain fix. Perhaps I’ll find something later today. (Though I’m still giving up that amen for it being the end of the week.)


  1. Well, they do happen to have a scale… but I like the Wii Fit idea you mentioned better, even if it’s not perfectly accurate 😉

  2. I was so excited that Amazon has the soundtrack to “Slum Dog Millionaire” as one of its Friday Five. I’ve wanted to get it ever since I saw the movie. The music is brilliant and brings the movie to life. It’s a great fusion of western and Asian Indian music.

    The movie is getting rave reviews and is huge on the awards circuit (just won Best Picture, Director,Screenplay and Soundtrack at the Golden Globes). I’m sure it will be a top contender at the Oscars. I live in a rural town, so I had to go to Chicago to see it. It is worth the time and hassle. I was spellbound…definitely worth all the hype. There are some disturbing moments (violence, poverty, etc) but the story, visuals and actors’ performances more than make up for any harshness. In the end, its the ultimate feel good movie of the year. I highly recommend it!

    (Mir, thanks for giving me the chance to spread the word about this marvelous movie!)

  3. Oh, you had my week too? Let’s count: 4 cases of stomach flu, 1 day of school cancelled due to extreme subzero temps, 2 kids in the snottiest moods possible while sick Dad tries to work from home IN THE LIVING ROOM. I dunno — it’s Friday morning, but I don’t even feel close to the weekend with another shut-in day looming before me (it’s 16 below in Chicago right now).

  4. A- MEN!!!

    I can’t say things have been as bad as Carrie’s post, but I have 2 sick, snotty kids and one 3 year old who is feeling well but behaving badly most of the time (3 is the new 2, people). My husband was traveling for work last weekend and had something every night this week after work. Today, as he is eyeing the leftovers I have packed for him for lunch, he says that he thinks he’d like to go out to eat instead. “Just to get away from my desk” he says. Must be nice. It’s 10am and I would like a margarita, please.

  5. Organic Valley Milk is down to $22, so your deal from yesterday just got sweeter…
    Procrastination so rarely pays off, but when it does, I feel so much better about myself…

  6. It’s been quite a week here, too. I’m actually grateful for our school closing due to bitter cold weather so I get a break from my students. Now that’s bad.

  7. So I guess the markdown on Reese’s Artichoke Bottoms didn’t knock your socks off? 🙂

  8. It’s been an awfully long week here, too. I hate moving and packing with a passion.

    I like the artichoke heart deal, myself. the pig cutting board is very tempting – I remember having one like that growing up. the pink cupcake carrier makes me ill, though.

    Tomorrow is the weekend!

  9. Hey, Rachel–I own that pink cupcake courier and it’s awesome! 🙂

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