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By Mir
January 22, 2009
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I love mystery/crime shows, I’ll confess. The suspense! The action! The dark drama! It’s possible that I need to get out more often. But how can I resist something that’s been called “the best show no one is watching?” Especially when that show is an entire series based upon a single murder investigation? I’m intrigued.

Yes, today’s Amazon Gold Box Deal is the complete DVD boxed set of The Wire, the critically-acclaimed HBO series. At 67% off, you get 23 DVDs filled with 5 seasons—60 hours worth—of entertainment. It comes out to around $3.50/disc.

I don’t know if you find out whodunnit at the end or not. But I’m blown away by the reviews; this sounds like one of those best-kept-secret kinds of shows.


  1. I bought this for my husband for xmas & I have to say it’s an awesome show & a great price. very addictive to watch. I am working on season 5.

  2. I’m generally not a fan of tv, but this is the best television ever. Through the five season the series takes a look at all aspects of the drug trade — how is it sold, how does it get here, how does local government affect it, what does it do to the schools, how does the news cover it. This may sound less than fascinating, but believe me. This show is addictive.

  3. Bless you, Mir!

  4. Tempting Father’s Day gift. Very tempting.

  5. …and, just like the Guitar Hero deal from last November, I had to pass this one along to our group listserv for current and former members of the Media & Cultural Studies dept. at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. We’ve got some BIG Wire lovers. (A conference I attended in October had an entire panel devoted to the series. No really! My job rules.)

    Anyway–thanks, Mir! And yes, I sent out your affiliate link! 😀

  6. Mir.
    Get The Wire. Get it. Adam and I just finished season 4 last night—-we were up until 1am. I am blown away by the storylines and the writing—-it’s the best show; each season is fascinating.
    Lots of swearing. The first show each season sets it up, and you just have to go along with it. You won’t get answers, just character development.


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