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By Mir
January 23, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

The last couple of Amazon Friday Sales have been, well, underwhelming. I am hoping against hope that things are different, today. Let’s have a look.

Oooohhh… well, it certainly starts off nicely. Choose between a Samsung 46″ LCD HDTV for about $1300 shipped or the 52″ version for $1700 shipped. Great reviews on those sets, and still completely out of my price range, but maybe for someone who’s been saving their pennies and looking for the right deal. (I figure you really can’t even put a price on the hassle the free shipping saves you, because me, I’d go buy one of those, wedge it into my car, and then hit a pothole and end up cracking the screen, or something. I’m lucky that way.)

Here’s another laptop backpack, down to just $20 in black.

The only problem you’re going to have with these Enzo Angiolini riding boots is deciding which color to get. I love that riding boots are hip again and not everyone has to totter around on a 4″ heel if they want knee-high boots. And if you hit the right size/color combo, these New Balance running shoes will be under $31, shipped.

I still think this Calphalon set is a steal at $149.99. Don’t let the mixed reviews frighten you; if you’ve been cooking on Teflon your whole life, switching over to pans which aren’t non-stick is going to be an adjustment. (Here’s a tip: Buy some olive oil!)

Need a wedding gift? It’s hard to beat a Mikasa crystal vase for $17.99 (you look like a big spender!), but it’s also part of the 4-for-3 promotion, so if you take advantage of that, it might end up even cheaper (or free).

I absolutely love this storage bench. Not only is it under $120 shipped (and for an item that weighs 60 pounds, that’s a steal), but it has split seating: You can slide to one end and remain seated while someone opens the other side. Brilliant.

And finally, if you don’t mind having your retinas somewhat seared… I… ummm… don’t even know what to say about this. (Erin Go Bragh, maybe?)

Don’t forget to check out the Friday Five, five MP3 albums for just $5 each! This week features artists from Blondie to Ludacris. Did I ever tell you about the time I had dinner with Ludacris? Because I totally did. He’s a complete gentleman—he didn’t call me a socially maladjusted dork at all.


  1. “Erin Go Betty” obviously!


  2. Well, if “Erin go bragh” isn’t to your liking, perhaps “God Save the Queen” (Johnny Rotten style) is, for $2.

  3. I’ve had the Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical cd on my Amazon wishlist for over 3 years (but could never justify spending the $15 to $20 for it) — but the MP3 album for $5! It’s mine!

  4. Got in on the New Balance. Thanks!!

  5. Yikes! I opened up the “down there” link at work…you are so going to get me fired. Well, I guess if the shopping at work thing doesn’t get me fired first 😉

  6. Excellent deal on the shoes! I used the Amazon promo ($20 off purchase of $120) and got 4 pairs of running shoes for $104 (yes, I go through a lot of running shoes). Awesome deal, thanks, Mir!

  7. “Get your Betty ready”?

  8. Thanks for the new balance info. I have been looking for a good pair of running shoes and you cant beat that price!

  9. Oh my, the Betty link has made my day! I can’t stop laughing. Thank you, pretty Mir!

  10. I just ordered that bench from SmartBargains over the holidays. Paid a little more, but I love it. I’d been looking for something to go under our family room picture window for YEARS. I keep the swimming lesson stuff in there along with some games.

  11. Aarrgghh! My eyes! My eyes!

  12. OK, best part of the “Lucky Betty” business–

    at the bottom of that page, there’s a list of discussions occurring on the Health Forums (this is a health product, evidently). When I was looking, the third discussion listed started with this post:

    “I have this weird condition where I’m quite positive I traveled back in time from the future and know what’s going to happen. Anyone else feel they are time travelers?”

    For some reason, that seriously got me going and now I’m laughing so hard, I’m crying.

    If interested, you can follow the thread by clicking on my “Website” link up there…

  13. I really, really want the TV. It’s a guessing game – if they are going to be any cheaper just before the super bowl. To buy or to wait that is the question.

  14. Oh. My. Goodness. Really, what would your husband say if you “surprised” him with this particular hue for St. Patty’s? I just can’t even wrap my little head around the idea of using this stuff!
    Tutus for Toddlers

  15. That is the TV I bought for my hubby for Anniversary/Christmas this year. I got it from the Amazon Open Box Warehouse, and paid $1050 for it. It is a fantastic television.

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