The kind of mouse you want in your house

By Mir
January 28, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Once upon a time I got a wireless mouse for my computer, and now I am completely ruined for regular mice. The cord! It’s so binding! It gets in my way! I gotta be free, man!

Or maybe it’s just that my desk is always such a mess, anyway, going cordless is just one less thing for me to worry about; I can use my mouse in whatever tiny sliver of clear desk space I can find. And I love being able to tuck a mouse into my briefcase to use with my laptop, too.

I’m loving this Targus wireless rechargeable laser mouse at—it’s only $9.99 shipped, and you don’t even have to worry about replacing the batteries! Just plug it into your computer via USB to charge it up.

Hey, the less time I have to spend looking for batteries, the more time I can spend trying to clear off all this junk on my desk….


  1. Big fans of wireless mice here, too. Have been using a different brand, same mouse for the past 3 years. Good technology.

  2. Um Yeah, it’s not $9.99 anymore. Bummer.

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