Hasta la vista, Furry

By Mir
January 29, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot! | Pets

Got a cat or dog? Then you need a FURminator, that brush you see in all the infomercials where the person brushes Fluffy for a minute and ends up removing three pounds of hair. It’s crazy.

It’s also usually really expensive, but right now at Amazon they’re priced from $14.03 (small) to $23.59 (large), and free shipping eligible. Remember… your pets may not be shedding much now, but spring will eventually arrive. You know, spring? The season of green leaves, budding flowers, and tumbleweeds of pet fur on your kitchen floor? Yeah. Think about it.


  1. YES, that’s a good deal! I got ours at Amazon, thinking it was a great deal at $29.99. Our local pet store was charging $50!!! It does work really well, but my dog only lets my hubby brush her…urgh.

  2. I love my Furminator. My cat hates it so I have to sneak up on her and do a bold, commando brush maneuver. Until she starts biting me.

  3. I love my furminator! I ended up getting it on ebay a couple months ago, ’cause I was NOT paying $50. I trick one cat by letting her play with the little blade cover, and I trick the other cat by letting her drink from the sink.

  4. I have been holding out on buying one to see if the price would drop! Thanks Mir! I got my lovely chocolates yesterday too, yum! & thank you!

  5. just as fyi, the price went up – the small is now $18.21 and the large is $28.32. Oddly enough, the medium is the cheapest at $18.01

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