Lightning deal on photo printing

By Mir
January 29, 2009
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The current Lightning Deal at Amazon is a Canon Pixma iP90v wireless photo printer for just $129 (59% off). Check out the reviews at CNET if you want to find out more about it, but it’s a nice step up from a “regular” printer if you want to print your own photos.

But it is a lightning deal, you know, so you’ll need to get to it….

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  1. Just thought I’d share my experience with Canon printers. I have an older Canon inkjet and I’ve learned a few questions to ask before making a purchase:
    What is the cost per page to print? Walmart/Snapfish/Etc could be cheaper. From the Cnet review (note, these numbers do not include paper): “The cartridges are so small that they’re sold in twin packs; two black tanks cost $11.95 and two color tanks cost $22.95. Canon estimates that a black cartridge will be good for 185 text pages, which works out to about 3 cents per page. The color tank will last a mere 100 estimated pages, or 11 cents per page. These costs are definitely on the high side…”

    How many pages per cartridge? The quote above says 185 and 100 pages per cartridge. That’s not a lot, you’ll be replacing them frequently.

    Is the ink available near your house or do you need to order online? (Staples just dropped two of the cartridges my printer needs from their inventory so I must order them online now)

    Do any recycling programs take them for recycling? Two of the big 3 office supply stores, Staples and Office Depot have recycling programs in house but they don’t take Canon cartridges. There are other recycling programs out there and I checked one but couldn’t find the cartridges for this printer listed. Other programs may take them but in general they tend not to take many Canon cartridges. Best to assume you’ll be tossing these babies in the trash.

    My husband used to work for Lexmark. The standard profit model for ink jet printers is the manufacturer loses money on the sale of the printer, even at full price. They it all back and then some on the ink cartridges. So that’s where you want to focus your research. My Canon printer stops printing from a cartridge well in advance of it actually being empty. Bypassing those settings is possible, but a royal pain. And my printer’s cartridges are not recyclable. My hobby/business is creating paper organizers and other products. While I’m very happy with the printer’s performance, I’m saving up for a color laser printer.

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