Goodbye, January!

By Mir
January 30, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Yeah, I know there’s one more day in January. But I sort of like the concept of seeing the month out with an Amazon Friday Sale. It seems fitting, somehow.

I’ve been looking for a retro dinette set like this for my kitchen, but I need a round table. Why isn’t the table round? Amazon is taunting me. (For what it’s worth, I think that one’s a great deal due to the free shipping, alone.)

Oooohhhhh… very shiny! This KitchenAid food processor is down to $139.99 shipped, plus there’s an available $15 rebate. I used to be a total Cuisinart devotee for food processors, but the KitchenAid is as good or—though it pains me to say this—maybe even better. And definitely shinier.

I’m not a scrapbook kind of person, but my understanding is that this here Cricut cutter is something of the holy grail amongst scrappers. Today’s price of $164.99 is lower than I’m able to find it anywhere else, too. (Though, really, maybe I’m missing the point, but I really believe it should also prepare a four-course meal at that price, too.)

I know it doesn’t feel like it’ll ever be summer again, but I promise that someday it will be, and then you might want something like this Suncast storage bench to put your pool toys in. Oh, wait. That’s me, who wants it for the pool toys….

Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boy? Who wants to chew on a duck? That’s right, you do! Good boy! (Warning: Hartz is not responsible for your dog’s need to perform emergency squeakerectomies on plush toys.) (On the up side, it’s eligible for the 4-for-3 promo, so you can pick up a few spares.)

Although saying “portable oral irrigator” makes me feel dirty, $25.99 is a great price on this, and it’s a very handy item for kids in braces. Not that I would know anything about that. (“Mom, I’m saving that for later in case I want a snack.”)

Need party favors for tween girls? How about some Skittles-flavored lip smackers?

Get 360 Bounce dryer sheets for $17.99, or sign up for Subscribe & Save to get them for $15.29 shipped (shipping is always free on S&S items). You can cancel your subscription after your order ships, so it’s risk-free. And that’s a lot of dryer sheets.

Don’t forget to check out the Amazon Friday Five, too—five MP3 albums available for just $5 each, today only. (They’ve even got a Depeche Mode album from 2006; I had no idea they were still around.)

And with that, I’m ready to say goodbye to January. Don’t wake me up, tomorrow, mmkay?


  1. Round table for less with shipping than the square.

  2. If you scrapbook you NEED the cricut. Anyone else feel me?

  3. Mmmmmm…something chocolate-y came in the mail today! Yum! Thanks, Mir!

  4. Oh! Not only is Depeche Mode still around, they have a new album out in a couple of months. AND I saw them in concert a couple years ago, when Playing the Angel come out. Yes, I still totally love DM. 🙂

  5. I have the same Cricut machine posted for sale on Craigslist (plus 6 cartridges). It is the holy grail of scrapbooking, but I want the larger one instead.

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