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By Mir
January 31, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Goooood morning! We have absolutely nothing planned for today. Ahhhhhh.

Scoping out the deals online? I have a few ideas for you….

Today is the last day for all of the January grocery deals at Amazon. There will be new deals tomorrow, of course, but if any of the current deals are calling to you, today’s the last day to get ’em. (Psssst! The Honest Foods Cran-Lemon Squares are back in stock, and the coupon glitch means that coupon code HONESTFD will get you one box for free when you order just one box. Do it via Subscribe and Save to get free shipping, too—your order will total $0, and my kids have been eating up these bars like they’re chocolate cake.)

Lands’ End is running a new promotion on tops—save $7.50 on 3 select Lands’ End Women’s Tees, Polos or Turtles through the end of March. Of course, seeing this special made me wonder if there was a current code for free shipping… and there is! Use coupon code MENS with PIN 6724 to get free shipping on any order.

It’s time for another Super Saturday at Kohls! Today’s the last day for Kohls card holders to use coupon code MVC9496 for free shipping on any order (stack it with code EXTRAKC15 for another 15% off, too), and there’s automatic free shipping on orders of $75+ for everyone.

The Winter Wrap-Up Sale is on at Altrec, if you’re wanting your ski gear for next year.

Taking a trip? This weekend Overstock is offering an extra 5% off all luggage through that link. (Insert your own “Yes, I’m taking a trip—my kids are driving me crazy” joke here.)

Gearing up for Valentine’s Day, or just realizing that maybe bras aren’t supposed to last for ten years? You can shop Bare Necessities and get free shipping on your $75+ order, automatically. Plus, it’ll make you feel even prettier.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day… I think we’ll be having a special contest later on. Hmmm. Yes, I think we shall. Something to get you in the Valentine’s spirit, perhaps. Check back later….


  1. I just got to separate orders for those lemon-cranberry thingies for $0. I feel like I’ve committed robbery!

  2. Oooh. Those free yummy squares were just the thing to get me to order the teething rattle I’ve had my eye one. Get the squares, get the rattle, get free shipping. Just the code for free squares and get the rattle shipped for free. Horray! Pretty, pretty Mir.

    Oh, and the Ferrero Rondnoir came a couple days ago. They are delish and came via FedEx. Chocolates and the FedEx truck in front of my house? I’d died and gone to heaven. 🙂

  3. I agree…thanks for the chocolate! We had a mystery package on the doorstep…I made my husband open it. I even shared them with my family! I am nothing if not generous! Alas they are gone now…

  4. Mir, you just made my Saturday morning. LOVE YOU!

  5. Thanks for the heads up on the free bars! Awesome!

  6. Yes, I agree with the chocolate. I’m not sure who was more excited when the fed ex truck came – my kids or me. They were off school and so we all got an unexpected and delicious treat on such a cold, dreary day! Thanks!!!

  7. I too feel like I’ve just done something very bad. Oh well fellings gone, free bars…

  8. Okay, so I just got a free box of NINETEEN DOLLAR granola bar type thingies because of you? MWAH.

  9. I got a question – do you then cancel the subscribe and save thing??? Please help as I don’t wanna get charged!

  10. Thanks for the free box of yummies. And, Clair, yes, after it gets shipped, you go back into the manage your account setting and just cancel the subscribe and save. It’s very easy to do. When I placed my order I set my subscription for “every 6 months” to give myself time to remember to cancel it.

  11. I have so many HonestSquares bars coming…..
    DH loves them.
    I honestly cant stand the smell, something with my pregnant brain is wired wrong I guess.

    Thanks Mir!

  12. Oh my gosh, I just ordered the free snacks, too. I wish more flavors were in stock – I wonder if you can use the code more than once per household?

    And darn it, I just placed a Lands End order yesterday and couldn’t find a free shipping code. Bah!

  13. I got the free bars and didn’t do the subscribe & save option as there was an $9 item I have been wanting to order but didn’t yet have additional items to qualify for free super savers shipping. I put the bars & my other item in the cart…proceeded to check out and put the code in for the free bars…it gave me the $19 off for the bars & free shipping! Yeah! Thank you so much! Glad I found your post/link at moneysavingmom. Thanks again!

  14. Thanks so much! I also place two separate orders for the cran-lemon squares, and they both went through fine. Should get delivery anywhere from Feb 27-Mar 9!

  15. I ordered the cranberry lemon bars from Amazon for $0. Thank You!

  16. You mentioned this “freebie” is occurring because of a coupon glitch. The true offer should be buy one/get one free. I feel like using this coupon code without buying anything is somehow taking advantage of Amazon and/or the company selling these products. Am I the only one who feels this way?

  17. Hey, Money Savin’ Momma–on the one hand, it does feel like cheating somehow. But this same “glitch” has been going on all month without anyone at Amazon or Honest Foods “fixing” it–that leads me to believe it’s a glitch they know about and are willing to let slide. Probably, they’re hoping that folks will try and love the bars and buy them without the “glitchy” coupon. Amazon usually figures out their mistakes really quickly and fixes them–which indicates to me that they don’t consider this a mistake at all.

    Sorry for the egregious use of air-quotes in this comment, but I had to indicate that, in fact, I don’t think there’s anything glitchy that we’re taking advantage of.

  18. hello, how do i do the subscribe thing and get free shipping? thank you for your help!


  19. I bumped into your blog through Moneysavingmethods and am so glad I did. You are now bookmarked. Thanks for the free snacks!!!

  20. Thanks again for the shipping code at Kohls! I really like getting free shipping, yes, I do.

  21. That HONESTFD coupon? They figured out it was a glitch. My order just got cancelled. BUMMER!!!!!

  22. Mine too, Monique. Easy come, easy go!

  23. Same here.. my orders got cancelled as well. 🙁

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