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By Mir
February 2, 2009
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My first computer didn’t have a hard drive. I thought I was pretty cool, in fact, because it had two floppy drives. I was stylin’.

Nowadays everyone has a hard drive, and flash drives, and a back-up drive, and I’ve yet to ever hear anyone say, “You know what? I really think this is more storage than I need.” More storage is more security and more funny-faced pictures of the kids, and that’s always A Good Thing.

Today at you can pick up the Fantom G-Force 1TB hard drive for just $99.99 shipped. Seriously, one terabyte of storage. For under a hundred bucks.

That’s crazy.


  1. SHH! Don’t let this get out to my husband. When he bought a 40G, he said, “THIS is enough.” Then we bought an 80G, and I heard the same professions. Yes, yes, he’s looking for more.

  2. I went into shock the first time I saw terabite storage available in a store. Literally, my dad had to shake me a couple of times to snap me out of it. My first computer had an external cassette tape player as storage (Atari 400 that came with 4K of memory).

  3. I like that’s it’s G-Force, otherwise I’m not really interested.

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