Britax markdowns make me say moo

By Mir
February 2, 2009

I guess I just don’t love my kids enough, because I never had a Britax carseat when they were little. I put them in inferior carseats because I am cheap. I hope they won’t need too much therapy to get over it. Anyway, if you have a baby or a toddler you likely know that Britax is pretty much the carseat safety gold standard.

Right now Amazon is doing a Britax Sale, so in addition free shipping and the sure knowledge that you’re a better parent than I am, you’ll also save around 20%. And—if you’re a little like me—they’ll also make you say moo. (C’mon; cowmooflage is the greatest pattern name ever.)


  1. I must be a crappy mom because I think Britax are awful. Sure they are protective but they are HUGE!! I had one in my car once for a carpool and had to pull the passenger seat of my station wagon all the way forward so the kid didn’t have to sit all crunched up. I like my (all steel) narrow seat just fine, thank you.

  2. I love my cowmooflage marathon seat…

    Britax only let me down when I switched up to a booster..I don’t like their booster

  3. They are enormous, but I can install it in my hubs’s pickup in about three seconds flat. (My car has a funky angled backseat, sigh.) Another bonus – the straps don’t kink and twist up. I’ve been using mine for a year and they’re still just about as crisp and smooth as the day I took it out of the box.

    My only beef is that the fabric has been kind of hard on my daughter’s hair on the back of her head. I think it’s Granite? It’s kind of a nubby charcoal grey, anyway. The moo wasn’t on sale when I bought it. With the blessing of the local car-seat check people, I stitched a piece of satin where her head goes (not restricting the straps, of course) and solved that problem. She gets all staticky when she rolls her head around, though. :>)

    The main reason I bought it was the height and weight limits – my daughter is so skinny, I feared she’d outgrow a normal convertible height wise before she’d weigh enough to go into a booster. Won’t be a problem with this monster!

  4. Love love love the Britax. And yes, I have the cowmooflage cover. My kids both loved it. Sadly they are almost 5 and almost 8 now. LOL

    I can install them in a matter of minutes. Just took some practice.

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