No more “surprises”

By Mir
February 3, 2009
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Do you have children? In my 10+ years as a mother I’ve learned many things, most notably that unconditional love means catching vomit in your hands occasionally, and also that most children “forget” to flush the toilet.

(Wow, this post is turning out to be a lot more disgusting than I’d planned….)

Anyway, if you have that little toilet-flushing issue at your house (or if you’re extremely germ-phobic), perhaps you’d be interested in today’s Deal of the Day at Graveyard Mall—it’s a hands-free toilet flusher! To make your house just like a truck stop! But, you know, a really clean truck stop!

It’s possible that that second cup of coffee I had this morning was a mistake.


  1. My autistic daughter *hates* autoflush toilets with a passion. They are too unpredictable. She even carries Post-it notes in her purse to put over the sensor so she can control when it flushes. I don’t think I’ll be getting one of these…

  2. My just-potty-trained two year old was traumatized by he auto flushers at the airport. Now, at five, she still asks suspiciously, “Is this a magic flusher?” whenever we enter a public restroom.

  3. Funny, I was just about to post about how autoflushers are every child’s nightmare, not to mention the nightmare of the parent of every recently potty-trained child. Apparently, I’m not the only one who’s noticed this.

  4. Yup, my kid holds his hand over the sensor without fail. This will not be on his wish list.

  5. Our five year old forgets ALL THE TIME. She is not afraid of auto flush toilets, so I think we will be buying this!

  6. have the same problem. follow your blog a bit, thanks for this post. You’re soooo awesome.

  7. My poor little girl has the same fear of auto-flushies. She makes me cover it up, then makes me prove it will not flush by sitting on it myself and getting up again. She thinks she will be sucked down the toilet.

  8. My little wiggler sets those auto flushes off early. Her record is 5 flushes in one sitting. Then we get into long discussions about how the toilet DIDN’T KNOW she wasn’t done yet. So I’ll pass.

    But tell me someone is discounting those auto on/off faucets and I’m there!

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