By Mir
February 7, 2009
Category Contests

It’s not often that my husband and I get to go eat “grown-up food” without the kids, but we do try to manage it every once in a while. A few months back we found ourselves a few towns away, looking for a nice dinner, and we wound up at Bonefish Grill with some trepidation—we’d never been there before.

It was the best meal out we’ve had in a long, long time. If you like seafood, oh my goodness is this the place for you. Sooooo good. And the pomegranate martini I had wasn’t bad, either. Ahem.

Bonefish would like you and your sweetie to come eat there on Valentine’s Day (check the locator to find one near you); if you do, you’ll get complimentary Lindt Excellence chocolate bars with your meal. And if you win this contest, you’ll be able to eat there for free—I’ve got a $45 gift card to give away.

Want to win it and get a great meal at Bonefish? First review the contest rules and regulations and then come back here and leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. Eastern (8:59 p.m. Pacific) on Sunday, February 8th, 2009. One lucky winner will be chosen at random, and you don’t even have to order the stuffed wolf fish (but I highly recommend it).

Ready? Go!


  1. Sounds great — thanks Mir!

  2. :::Drool::: Oh this sounds lovely! I can’t even remember the last time my husband & I went out to eat alone!!

  3. I have one of those in my town, but have never been. I have heard it was good, but the name sounds a little weird. Thanx Mir.

  4. Yum…that would be a great date!

  5. Yum! Seafood!

  6. I love Bonefish!

  7. sounds yummy…i 9 mo. preggo and due on the 12th, but if I’m overdue this would soften the blow.

  8. I would love this! My husband and I don’t get to have a date night very often, but this would be a great excuse to get a sitter, get dressed up, and head on out!

  9. Please count me in!

  10. We have one in the next town over and would LOVE to try it!!!!

  11. I’ve never eaten in, but I got take-out from Bonefish once and it was amazing. And very grown-up.

  12. We love our sea food! San Diego has the best!

  13. Bonefish just opened near us and would love to try it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I’m with Juli…the name sounds weird. But I’ll take your word for it that it’s fabulous! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Yeah there is one near me never been but sounds great!

  16. I have been there.. and I love it!

  17. I’ve been wanting to try them out! ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. OOOH me!

  19. Perfect…I was wanting to go there for Valentine’s Day!

  20. Bonefish grill is superb! SOOOO yummy!

  21. I’m in! They built one of these a couple of miles from where I used to live a few years ago, but I never visited. Now the nearest one is about 20 min away, but a sacrifice I’m willing to make for good seafood. Twist my arm… ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Sounds delicious! Our local seafood place closed last year, much to my dismay. I need a new place for fish!

  23. yay! love seafood and they just opened one of these up near us! (also? happy almost valentine’s day!)

  24. Yum…we have one and our friends have been there and raved about it. We haven’t been yet, but it sure would be fun to try out! Thanks for the chance to win!

  25. We drive by a Bonefish Grill at least a few times a week. This would be pretty exciting!

  26. Yumm!!!

  27. Oh that would be perfect!

  28. Mmmmmmm….I’d love this!

  29. Oh my….it does sound delicious and my husband loves seafood. Plus, this is probably the only way we would end up going out together in the near future.

    Thanks Mir.

  30. I’ve heard good things about Bonefish but never been, and there is one right around the corner too!

  31. Thank you!

  32. YUM

  33. that would be wonderful!

  34. Hmm, stuffed wolf fish sounds a little….challenging, but we do have a Bonefish Grill here, and we’ve never been. Thanks, pretty Mir, for a lovely contest!

  35. It all looks delicious!

  36. I’ve never heard of them, but it turns out there’s one near me! I’d love to try it for free!

  37. I’d love it

  38. woo!

  39. I’ve een there oce before – sooo good!

  40. Oh Bonefish…yay! Now to find a sitter to stay the crazy boys… ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. We have one and I’ve heard good things. Hubs and I are due for a date night, this would be cool.

  42. I don’t have one near me, but my mom does and she’s a total foodie too. I’d give it to her if I won. Would it be bad if I regifted it for her upcoming birthday?

  43. Pick me, pick me!! Sounds yummy!!!

  44. Ive always wanted to take my mom to this place!! maybe valentines day will be her lucky day.. she LOVES seafood. Oh i wish i win!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. would love to take my lovie for valentines day this will be our 45th.

  46. Would love to take my husband there for Valentines! Thanks, Mir!

  47. Awesome! There is one across town we’ve been dying to try.

  48. Great contest as usual!

  49. One of these just opened up near us and I’ve been dying to try it. Thanks, Mir.

  50. We have a Bonefish Grill 2 miles from us. It’s really good, or at least it was the one time we managed to escape the younglings long enough for a meal away. Or maybe it was just the escape that made the food taste so darn good. Either way, we’d love the opportunity to eat there again and find out. All in the name of science, of course.

    Thank you, O Pretty One!

  51. I would so love a romantic night out with my husband to have some ‘grown-up’ food!

  52. Oh, yay! Been wanting to try this place! Thanks for the contest!

  53. We’ve always wanted to try Bonefish Grill! Sounds heavenly.

  54. I’ve never won anything! Please pick me!

  55. I LOOOOOVE their tilapia and chilean sea bass. SO fresh and so good!

  56. Didn’t think we had one in CO but YES we do. So Please and Thank you!

  57. i love bonefish

  58. We went once and enjoyed it. Pick me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  59. Sounds yummy!

  60. Dinner out? Without the kids? Does that happen anymore?

  61. I would love to win this.

  62. Bonefish is delish! What a great place for a Valentine’s Dinner~

  63. Oooohhh..would love to win! We’ve been wanting to try this place.

  64. Oooh, I know right where one is, but have never been there either! Can’t wait to see if I win!

  65. A grown up dinner would be so fun..and free would be extra nice! pick me pick me!

  66. What’s a date..LOL… maybe we will win and be forced to find out.

  67. LOVE Bonefish!

  68. I’ve never been to Bonefish Grill, but it would certainly be nice for me & my husband to have a date without the little one. We seriously need a date night! Please pick me.

  69. I’ve always wanted to eat there!

  70. Ok…I’m crossing my fingers, toes, eyes and everything else for this! DH and I haven’t had a “grown up” meal in I-can’t-remember-when. AND, we have a BONEFISH IN OUR TOWN!!! Add to that, the fact that we just can’t afford to eat out, these days and…well, you can see why I’m sitting here with everything crossed. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  71. YUM!!! A night out would be great!!

  72. well, we’ll have to drive all the way to Cleveland, but if it’s as good as y’all say, then I’ll give it a whirl!

  73. how sad.. not one anywhere near me!

  74. There is one not too far from me. Road trip!

  75. Just throwing my name in the hat… we need a date night pretty durn bad around these parts!

  76. I am six miles from a Bonefish grill and if I have to walk there to use this prize, then I will!

  77. The hubby and I have already lined up a babysitter for an afternnon and evening out for Valentine’s Day. I would LOVE to surprise him with a free meal!

  78. YUM!!! Love that place.

  79. my husband and I love this place. What a treat!

  80. I hope I win this one! Bonefish, yum!

  81. We have a Bonefish that opened in town about a year ago and we still haven’t tried it. Winning this sweet contest would totally take care of that lacking!

    Thanks for the offer!

  82. LOVE Bonefish, throwing my hat in the ring!

  83. Fishing for a chance to eat at the Bonefish!

  84. I don’t like seafood, but I would never turn down a free meal. Thanks, Mir!

  85. Oh PLEASE pick me! I love seafood but my husband doesn’t, so I never cook it at home and we rarely go to seafood restaurants, though he can always find something un-fishy to eat when we do. Thanks!!!

  86. This would be a great date night with my hubby!

  87. We have Bonefish here. YUMMY! This would really make my day:-)

  88. Sounds great. I’ve never been there. Thanks!

  89. Pick me !!! OOOHHHHH PLEEEEASE !! Pick meee!!

    Just kidding, I’ll be happy for whoever wins !

  90. Never been there, but I’d love to try it.

  91. For free, I’d give just about anything a try.

  92. I love it!!! Pick me!!!!!!!!!!

  93. I’ve eaten there before and it was a fabulous meal. I’d love to take my husband there for a romantic meal without the ninas!

  94. wow, this would be awesome.

  95. Bang Bang Shrimp!!!!

  96. We just got a babysitter for next weekend. This would be perfect!

  97. I’ve never been there, but I’ve heard it is great.

  98. I’d love to have a date night with my husband!

  99. Hubby and I would love a date nigt to Bonefish. Thanks for the chance!!

  100. Hubby and I went once before and loved it! Would love to go again! Thanks!

  101. Oh Boy! Bonefish!

  102. Years ago I insisted that we go to Bonefish because the paint on the outside was SO pretty — all beige, white, and black. At the time I was looking for something soothing for my bedroom and I was painting the bedroom based on the Bonefish near me.
    My husband still teases me that I picked a place to eat based on the color — but he was thrilled with the meal too.

  103. Pick me. I love Bonefish!

  104. Me please!

  105. sounds lovely!!!! hope i can get it!!!!!

  106. Yummy! This would be a perfect time for hubby and I to have our first post baby date!! Oh pretty please pretty mir~

  107. Me please…I LOVE bonefish!

  108. Love fish but never been to Bonefish….but would love to go.

  109. Gotta love the Bang Bang shrimp..YUM YUM!

  110. Winner, winner Bonefish dinner!

  111. mmmm sounds good!

  112. Mmmm! Count me in, please!

  113. Oh, yum!

  114. Would love a night out!!

  115. Awesome prize!

  116. I want my parents to go somewhere special for Valentine’s, help me out!

  117. A dinner without kids? Thats a novel idea. Sign me up!

  118. Mmmm… Bonefish grill has the best seafood. Thanks for the giveaway!

  119. I am buying a house, so a gift card would help us save money.


  120. Pick me please. Thanks.

  121. Oooh me!

  122. Pick me please!!! Grown-up food sounds great! ๐Ÿ™‚

  123. Mmm, I’ve always wanted to eat there but could never afford it. This is right up our alley!!

  124. OOOOHH, there’s one near us! We’ve never gone, but my friends love it. Count me in!

  125. This would be awesome. I promise to order some healthy fish!

  126. pick me please! Its my 5 year anniversary

  127. Ooooohhhhhhh! I’d LOVE to have some of their “Bang Bang Shrimp” right about now. That appetizer alone is enough for me. ๐Ÿ™‚ There’s one right down the road from me, too. How convenient!

  128. Me! I live near one and have wanted to go for years!

  129. its soooo yummy!!!!! I’d win major points for this win

  130. sounds delicious!

  131. Sounds delicious!

  132. Yum.

  133. Please? Pretty, pretty please?

  134. I’ve been wanting to try them for a long time but we can’t really afford to eat out. So this would be perfect!

  135. Fun – we don’t have one very close, but the hubs has a work trip near Chicago in a week and would be able to use it there!!! Awesome!

  136. Count me in! Yay!

  137. Yum!

  138. This would be lovely for our 28th anniversary on the 28th of this month. Thanks Mir!

  139. I have been wanting to try out this restaurant! My husband and I are due for a date since we have one toddler and a baby on the way!

  140. We have a Bonefish Grill nearby, but I haven’t managed to get there yet. Send me there, please ๐Ÿ™‚

  141. how great!

  142. we’ve been wanting to go there because of the RAVE reviews from all our friends. . .but the name, why is it named that????

  143. Oh my goodness! I would LOVE to take my husband to Bonefish!!

  144. My mouth is watering already. This would be a wonderul treat for me and my husband. Maybe we’ll even order dessert this time.

    Thanks fot the great contest!

  145. I would LOVE to surprise my hubby! Thanks, Mir!

  146. i love bonefish! pick me!

  147. Mmmmm. Bonefish!

  148. I would love to give this to my step-daughter and son-in-law who live in Atlanta!

  149. Pick me! Pick me!!!

  150. This would be awesome!

  151. I never win anything.

  152. I used the locator and there are two near me! Count me in.

  153. I don’t know why we’ve only been there once, because it was just delicious when we went there. It’s part of the Outback franchise. Outback: not my favorite. Bonefish: impressively delicious.

  154. YUM!

  155. I like seafood!!!

  156. YUM! There’s one here in town, and i’d love to try it!!

  157. I love bonefish!

  158. We have a few here in our metro area. WE have eaten there once, pricey but very good. it would be lovley to win a free meal. QT

  159. Yummy yummy

  160. I ADORE Bonefish!!!!

  161. Sounds delicious!

  162. i like to eat out! yum!

  163. OOh – my husband loves bonefish! Please and thank you!

  164. Yum! Thanks, Mir!

  165. Mmmmm…bang bang shrimp! Yes, please, and thank you!

  166. Ooooh, Bang Bang Shrimp is calling my name!!

  167. Count me in – yum!

  168. Oooh boy!

  169. I have never been there, but I just heard a friend talking about how good it was. This would be a great way to try it out.

  170. This would be a great excuse to ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING for Valentine’s Day!

  171. The menu looks divine. What a nice present this would make for my husband.

  172. Free food at one of my fave restaurants? I’m in!

  173. I can’t remember the last time we went out on a date to a place that didn’t have a drive thru. Please pick me!!!

  174. I’ve heard wonderful things about Bonefish and would love to try it. Thank you! Thank you!

  175. Count me in.Fingers crossed.

  176. Oooh…pick me…pick me!!! (Please!)

  177. Yum! Bonefish is my favorite restaurant!

  178. We love Bonefish Grill. Here’s hoping…

  179. Yummy! I’d love to go there!

  180. oh I loves me some Bonefish.

  181. And they have Saint M Riesling on their wine list!!! Love that place and we haven’t been in a while….

  182. We have never been to Bonefish but now I’m intrigued to give it a try!

  183. I have never eaten at Bonefish and have one 2 miles away. What a shame! Thanks for the opportunity!

  184. Seeeefood? My food!

  185. Mmm,mmm,mmm I LOOOOOVE Bonefish but I’m way to cheap to eat there without a giftcard! Hope I win!

  186. Yummy!!! Never been, but I’d like to go.

  187. mmm, Bonefish.

  188. I would love this. ๐Ÿ™‚

  189. Would love to win. Thanks!

  190. My husband and I would LOVE some grown-up food! It has been too long since we splurged on ourselves. Pick me lovely number generator~ this way, it is a win win! We get to enjoy ourselves, completely guilt free and just plain FREE!

  191. sounds great! and delicious! sign me up please!

  192. There’s one of these not too far away and their menu looks delicious!!! I may even get to eat my food while it’s still warm!

  193. Sounds like a fun date night! ๐Ÿ™‚

  194. Yum!

  195. Sounds tasty! Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  196. would love to eat there!

  197. Yum! I really enjoy Bonefish.

  198. sounds delish!

  199. Ooooo, we have always wanted to go to Bonefish. Thank you pretty Mir!

  200. That sounds so good! I would love to try it.

  201. Yes, please! ๐Ÿ™‚

  202. Yum!!

  203. We could use a night out!!

  204. Count me in, too. Thanks

  205. Oh yummmm!

  206. There’s a Bonefish grill about five minutes from us and their parking lot is always full, but we’ve never eaten there.

  207. Bummer. None in Texas. But this would be a great gift for my sister that shares her birthday with Valentine’s Day.

  208. sounds fabulous! thanks mir!

  209. Ooh hooray! There’s one right down the street, and we’ve only been there once. Once! It’s a shame. Hope we win this one!

  210. Yum! We have one here, but I’ve never been.

  211. Sounds great!!

  212. Mmmm, seafood. [/Homer Simpson voice]

  213. Love that place!

  214. We love seafood! Just found one close by. Would love to try it. Thanks!

  215. Pick me!

  216. hope i win!!!!!!!!!!!

  217. I’ve heard that it’s delicious, but I’ve never been. Would love to win!

  218. Me like fish.

  219. The heck with “sea-kittens”!

  220. I ate there once a few years ago, and it was wonderful!

  221. Mmmmmm, yummy Bonefish!

  222. Sounds delish!

  223. A night out….. just me and my husband….. alone….. what a novel idea!!!

  224. This sounds fantastic! Yummy food and alone time!

  225. Nom nom nom!!!! Thanks for the opportunity.

  226. It’s been 18 months since my hubby & I had an evening out without the kiddos. I would love a good excuse!

  227. There are restaurants without play places???? Interesting…

  228. Mmmmmmm….

  229. I really hope this is my time!!

  230. A Bonefish Grill just opened near our house and I’d love to try it out.
    /fingers crossed

  231. I have been wanting to try this place. My parents have been raving about it.

  232. Menu looks awesome! I’m willing to drive out to Buffalo, NY or Cleveland to try this place out. Hope to win it!

  233. I love Bonefish, BangBang Shrimp is great !!!
    I’ll do anything for a night out w/sweetie !!!

  234. whoo hoo, one about 8 miles away, count me in!

  235. It’s been so hard to justify the cost of going out to dinner with my husband. We DO have one nearby and I didn’t even know it! We’d love to give it a try– on the pretty Mir, if possible!!! Thanks!

  236. sounds great

  237. thanks!

  238. I’m ready to ‘go fish’.

  239. We have one near us!

  240. My husband could live on seafood and I can’t remember the last time we went out to a “grown-up” meal.

  241. A night without the kids? Does that still exist? Ha!

  242. sounds fabulous!

  243. I’ve never been to Bonefish, but I’d love to try it!

  244. Mmmmmm. Bonefish.

  245. I’ve been wanting to check out Bonefish for awhile. Put me in coach! Put me in!

  246. Me! Me! Love the seafood.

  247. Pick me please!

  248. We have one nearby and I didnรขโ‚ฌโ„ขt even know it! Weรขโ‚ฌโ„ขd love to try it.

  249. Thanks!

  250. Would love to try…especially for free!

  251. Sounds like a great Valentine’s date!

  252. I love Bang Bang Shrimp! And lots of other food at Bonefish Grill.

  253. OOh, there’s one nearby and I’ve heard they’re great. Thanks!

  254. Bang Bang Shrimp? Oh, that sounds exciting, but dang, nary a Bonefish Grill in Montana. It would make a nice gift for people who live elsewhere, though…

  255. Always wanted to try Bonefish!

  256. I love Bonefish, especially the Bang Bang Shrimp.

  257. I <3 bonefish grill!!

  258. I am going Valentine’s Day, now all I need is to win.

  259. Yummmmm… Seafood! There’s ONE in my area, about 45 minutes away, but I have a feeling it would be well worth the drive!

  260. sounds delish!

  261. I love Bonefish Grill! And, for some reason, my five year old is kinda obsessed with it (I think he likes the big fish on the front).

  262. YUM!!!!

  263. Sweet!

  264. I am so ready to win this contest!!

  265. Awesome! There is a Bonefish pretty close by too!

  266. Yummy!

  267. Would love it!!

  268. Count me in! GThanks – Jessica

  269. My husband loves to fish. However, he never catches anything. We would put this to good use, and not by dangling it over the edge of the pier hoping to catch more gift certificates.

  270. sounds great!

  271. Mmmm….fish.

  272. I would love to try this place.

  273. insert comment here…

  274. I Love Bonefish Grill. My husband and I could use a little time away!

  275. would love to have seafood ๐Ÿ™‚

  276. Thank you for the opportunity. I would love to win this for my sister and her hubby – who recently lost his job. Times are tough but eating (free)fish is always good!

  277. count me in!

  278. I love bonefish grill

  279. that sounds yummy to me!

  280. Now if I could just find a contest for a babysitter gift card!
    Thanks, Mir!

  281. That sounds so good!

  282. Awesome! We love seafood. (And martinis!)

  283. don’t mind if I do…this place is great!

  284. Yummy!

  285. Yummy! Bang Bang Shrimp!

  286. Apparently there is one by me…who knew!

  287. Seafood and martinis – nice combination!

  288. Yes, we have one in Roanoke – just a few miles away. What a great gift!
    Chris (in Virginia)

  289. As a rule, I avoid chains, but if I win, I’ll check this one out!

  290. I have been there once and I loved it! Would love to win this one as my husband and I hardly get a chance to eat out. And my boys are 16 and 17 —–we can’t afford to go out to eat with them!

  291. Sounds awesome!

  292. There is a Bonefish Grill around the corner, never been and would love to!

  293. Grown up food…sounds lovely. Thank you!

  294. My husband would love to be surprised with this!

  295. This would be great!!!

  296. Ooooh!! We love Bonefish!!

  297. if this is the place with the ‘bang bang shrimp’ appetizer…yowza!

  298. Mmmm, Bonefish Grill!

  299. Bang Bang Shrimp is one of my favorite Bonefish treats!

  300. Dinner out without kids?What’s that?

  301. yum! i’ve had that place on my “to try” list for years, but haven’t made it there yet!

  302. I love seafood! I hope I get to try it.

  303. Ahhh…I’ve heard SUCH good things about Bonefish…hope I win!

  304. We love Bonefish, too! It’s one of our favorite grown up getaway places!

  305. Just yesterday we were talking about trying Bonefish. Was that a sign that I will win this???

  306. Oh please random number generator, pick me!!!!

  307. I’d love to try it! Thanks Mir!

  308. I love BoneFish! They seem to have the freshest tuna. I’ve had Ahi tuna many places but their tuna is always the best, along with their house salad.

    Thanks, Becky Joubert

  309. Never been, but a free dinner would be a good excuse to try it out!

  310. I don’t think we have Bonefish where I live, but it’s one of my mom’s favorite places in Memphis (she’s a California transplant to Tennessee; one can only eat so much barbecue). Hope I win so I can send it to her!

  311. I LOVE trying new resturants with my hubby, and I found one about 5 miles away. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  312. Didn’t know there was one near me until I checked the locator. Sounds good even if I don’t win the giftcard.

  313. Seafood and lindt chocolate what could better!

  314. I just saw one of these a few nights ago. Must be new. Looked really nice from the outside–I would love to try it out.

  315. I’d love to have some fresh seafood. It’s not all that common ’round these (Midwestern) parts.

  316. It would be awesome to win this. Thanks, Mir.

  317. This sounds great! I’ve always wanted to go there. thanks!

  318. It’d be a bit of a drive, but there are some sacrifices that are worth making ๐Ÿ™‚

  319. I am glad that I checked this before I went to bed. My husband and I have been contemplating trying Bonefish in our neighboring town. Please, great random number generator – PICK ME!

  320. Hooray!!!!

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