It doesn’t get any cheaper than this

By Mir
February 8, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Want a free computer game? How about three free computer games? Okay! Here you go.

Download ’em for free. Play all you like.

(It’s not quite as good as free cran-lemon bars, but I’ll take it.)


  1. Amazon cancelled my order for the cran-lemon bars. Said it was a mistake. Wah.

  2. Speaking of the “free” cran-lemon bars…the glitch with the buy one get one free that allowed you to order just one and get it free was apparently corrected. I recd this email yesterday:
    “We regret to inform you that an error caused an incorrect promotional code to be displayed on our website. We are not offering this promotion at this time.
    In accordance with our posted policies on pricing, we are unable to offer the item(s) you ordered for the incorrectly posted promotional price. Therefore, we have cancelled the item(s) from your order.”
    Target/Britax flashbacks anyone? 🙂 Oh well.

  3. Hey Carrie — great minds…

  4. Wah. Cancelled here too. And i was really looking forward to them.

  5. Thanks Mir!! I love Jewel Quest so I’m excited about that one!!

  6. Thanks Pretty Mir! My hard drive got eaten, so my DD’s Ravenhurst game is gone forever, so she will be pleased with a new game. Sniff, I loved Ravenhurst 🙂

  7. It looks like I have to be a resident of the USA to download. Is that right? I have bought from in the past, but I need to enter a new billing address and it doesn’t accept my international state or zip code.

  8. It wants my credit card to do a free download? Did I miss the timeframe?

  9. It asked for a credit card but the total was 0.00$ and it did not appear to actually charge the card.

  10. My cran-lemon bars order was cancelled too!

  11. FYI to all the very bummed Amazon customers. Don’t forget to cancel your S&S subscriptions for the Honest Foods bars!! The original order may not have shipped, but I noticed I still had four subscriptions to cancel.

  12. Phooey, those games are Windows only. 🙁

  13. yep, no cran-lemon bars for me. Cancelled.

  14. Yeah, my cran-lemon bars were canceled, too. Thanks for the reminder to cancel the subscription, Summer.

    Mir, there’s another free game on Amazon – Big Kahuna Reef. It says it’s for XP only but I downloaded it and briefly played it on Vista with no troubles.

  15. The Scruffs is a very fun game. Even better when it’s free. Thanks!

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