Got lights?

By Mir
February 10, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Two things in this world seem to always cost way more than they should: Lighting and faucets. (Seriously, are there tiny unicorns in those faucets?) If you’re looking for a light fixture, though, you might want to check out the lighting clearance at Graveyard Mall.

I’m kind of digging that raindrop wall sconce. If only I could buy that instead of a bathtub faucet….


  1. Good prices, but the “7-Light Brushed Nickel Murano Style” is creeping me out… I’d be afraid to walk under it.

  2. I have been searching for replacement lights for my hallway forever! They are so expensive!! I just picked up 2 for $30! Thanks so much!! I check your site at least once per day and you have saved me a ton. This holiday season, I was able to follow the Amazon bargains and was able to not only purchase incredible bargains for my girls, but to also to purchase toys for charity…not to mention the free prime shipping (which I loved and now miss so much!) Thanks for what you do and the time it must take you to do it. Mary

  3. Thank you!! I just bought a house and have been looking for lighting and having a hard time. Found a couple things already that I love – thanks!!

  4. I’ve had good success purchasing faucets on Ebay. Of course, it’s best to check feedback on the seller, but I’ve gotten a number of Moen faucets on Ebay for a small fraction of retail. I have also purchased a couple of new-in-box Moen lavatory faucets on Craigslist.

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