I believe this is called gadget lust

By Mir
February 10, 2009
Category Product Talk

Oh. Oh, no. Guess what’s now available for pre-order? Guess what’s probably never going to go on sale, and I’m never going to own, but I would consider swapping you one of my children for?

Yeah. The new Amazon Kindle.

Wouldn’t that make an awesome Valentine’s gift (I guess it would have to be an I.O.U., but still) for your favorite bibliophile? I mean, yes, sure, extravagant. I know. I know.

Still. Do you think my husband would mind if I found myself a sugar daddy?


  1. I don’t know about your husband, but mine would love to have a Kindle. My husband probably wouldn’t mind if I found a sugar daddy to buy me one, as long as he got to use it too. In fact, he would probably come up with a list of things for this sugar daddy… new bass boat, new hunting rifle……

  2. I know – I KNOW!! And it’s tiny and light and downloads from anywhere and… my dept. just got a whole load of cash for tech upgrades – wonder if they’d go for my contention that my “carboniferous information platform” is outdated and desperately needs replacement…

  3. Find me a sugar daddy, too! I’ve been dying for a kindle since it first came out and now this updated version is just like salt in my wounds….It’s just too much money and I can’t justify it. You’re so beautiful, Mir, Amazon should give you one to try and one to give away. Don’t they know how awesome your blog is? Until then I’ll just long for one from afar!

  4. If you find one, let us know, as we could all use someone to buy us those expensive gifts.

  5. I held out for a year’s worth of gifts…Mother’s Day, birthday, Christmas…and then used Oprah’s coupon code and got MY OWN kindle. It is awesome even if I have to share it with my husband. Now everyone buys me Amazon gift cards and I get to read, read, read!

  6. The up side: it makes me glad I didn’t pony up for the OLD Kindle.

  7. Text-to-speech, heck yes! My mom has vision problems and has been waiting for a reader that does this!

  8. i just told my hubby that if he bought me one it would serve as my push present (1/19), vday present, and bday prezzie (3/4) all in one. that’s only $120 per gift.
    i think i’m giving him a great deal 😀

  9. Ok, I have to admit it – I have one. Got it for Xmas from my mom – the best gift EVER!

    The COOLEST thing is that there is a website called Project Gutenberg website and download books for FREE! No kidding. For instance, I went to the Amazon Kindle store – and looked for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It’s 99 cents on Amazon for the download and FREE – did you hear me – FREE on Project Gutenberg. And, books like Pride and Prejudice, as an example, are FREE as well. Why, do you ask? Because their copyrights have expired.

    You can download ebooks to a number of devices, yes, even your phone. Take a look at:


    Enjoy! And save up for a Kindle. It’s worth it.

  10. don’t mind me while I wipe the drool off my keyboard! WOW!!

  11. I’ll probably be banned from reading you ever again, but I really don’t want one. I love the concept of it – being able to carry one “book” with me but having hundreds, or whatever, at my fingertips.

    But there’s just something about holding the book in your hand and connecting with the paper and ink that is just amazing to me.

    Plus, I will never be able to afford that. 🙂

  12. C’mon now….this isn’t any more than a month or two of the ol’ shoe habit.

  13. Lori- thank you so much for that link. I just got a Kindle last night as an early Valentine’s present. Best one evah as we say here in Maine.

  14. Lisa – you are welcome! You can ALSO download PDFs to your Kindle, as well. Work documents, stuff that you want to read on the road, but don’t want to print, etc. You have a Kindle email address that you send the document to – and it will automatically download it to your Kindle.

    One last thing – you can download the Feedbooks resource, that allows you to download the catalog of books, so that you can download the catalog, and THEN, download the books of your choice, directly FROM the Kindle. Read more about that at: http://www.feedbooks.com/help/kindle

    Enjoy! It’s my most favorite gadget EVAH!

  15. I did the same thing Megs did and saved up for a year then got the first generation Kindle with the Oprah discount. I love my Kindle! Amazon recently added thousands of the same books that Project Gutenberg has, so now you can download them for free from Amazon. And they (Amazon) usually have at least one book on “sale” for $0.00 every week. I have gotten tons of books for free from Amazon. I have paid the $9.99 price for one book and everything else I’ve paid for has been in the one- to three-dollar price range. On the site http://www.kindleboards.com folks post links to find bargain books and free books. If you already buy books the Kindle is worth the investment!

  16. I would love a kindle. alas, i can’t afford one right now.

  17. I would love to get a Kindle that my older son and I could share. Just not in the budget yet, unfortunately.

  18. If you love e-books and have an iphone you can download stanza a free app that reads e-books! It is also available for the apple touch and that can be found refurbished from the apple store for about $179 which is a bit cheaper than the kindle plus it plays music and takes pictures (i think)!

  19. Okay – Kindle experts? Does anyone know at all if there are plans in the works to do text books for Kindle? Because that would be AWESOME. I heft my kid’s backpack every morning and wonder how that scrawny little back can hold up under that darn thing. Just the thought of having all the text books in one place, with the ability to search text and make notes and… dang… I think I’d have to go back to college AGAIN just to enjoy all of that!

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