Just because BB made a joke about me and shoes

By Mir
February 11, 2009

Don’t go leaving me comments about my affinity for shoes, dude. I will always have to counter with a fabulous sale, even if only to prove that my closetful of shoes cost pennies on the dollar.

Because I’m mature that way.

So, today EMS launches their Semi-Annual Footwear Clearance, and I was prepared for it to be all winter boots and running shoes and stuff. And it is, but it’s also other stuff, including sandals, which I feel is really an investment in my mental health because it helps me to believe that summer is coming. Right? Right.

(Psssst! Orders of $100+ ship for free!)


  1. My husband is addicted to shoes too. He only buys Rockport shoes though and always gets them cheap, cheap, cheap. He once found some at Belk for $13.00. He got about 6 pair. He now has 16 brand new pairs of shoes in our closet, still in the boxes. He crazy.

  2. Squee! I have been coveting the Sienna Ballerina by Keen for MONTHS and just got a pair for $34.

    Mir, you’re so pretty I could kiss you!

  3. exile, check out backcountryoutlet.com for more insanely low-priced Keens. Also, I have the Sienna in rust and find myself planning every outfit around them because they are so comfy and cute!

  4. Thank you, Mir! You’re pretty. 🙂

    I bought two pair of Keen Sienna Ballerina and one pair of Keen Callistoga for what I would normally pair for _one pair_ at Abbadabba’s here in Atlanta.

    Well, not that I’ve ever paid that. I have tried them on, then put them back because I just can’t afford that with two children under the age of five.

  5. I suppose my joke disqualifies me from winning that slow cooker, huh?

    Oh well, it was STILL funny.

  6. Heh, check out http://www.shoeclub.us – it’s a club for women to show off their great shoes (also, therefore, an excuse to buy more). They’re having an event in Atlanta next month!

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