Come on baby, light my walkway

By Mir
February 12, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

(What? Isn’t that how the song goes…?)

I love my solar-powered LED lights; I’m far too lazy and cheap to turn on something as superfluous as walkway lights in the evenings, but if it 1) turns on automatically and 2) runs for free, count me in.

Check out this set of 4 solar walkway lights from for $12.99 shipped. That’s insanely cheap.

I may need another set.


  1. I had been looking for these but couldn’t find a price that I could stomach. I just bought three packs of them for around our deck! Thanks Mir!

  2. Thank you!! I have been patiently waiting for “unique” lights at an affordable price! AWESOME!! Ordered 5 sets!

  3. Wow, great deal! We just bought our first home so I can’t wait to get these and set up! Thanks Mir 🙂

  4. This is fantastic! I just ordered 3 sets for my back yard…thanks!

  5. I hope I don’t regret only buying two sets… I was playing is safe, but how cheap am I! Its a great deal, thanks Mir!

  6. I ordered 5 sets and am anticipating watching my husband’s head spin all of the way around a la the exorcist when the boxes show up.

    Then I’ll get to tell him that it was only $65 and be a hero.


  7. oooh… I wish I had jumped on this and not thought about it for an hour while I looked at my walkway. There’s pain in being too frugal. Sold out!

  8. And again I say, DANG!

  9. I bought 3 sets to replace the ones we’ve somehow managed to destroy around the house. And great price – thanks!

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