Disney a-go-go

By Mir
February 12, 2009

Some people are taking their families to Disneyworld for Spring Break (because thanks to the recession, there have been all sorts of affordable package options being offered), and some people are lucky that I am so fond of them because I am completely and utterly jealous. Hmph.

Anyway, if you happen to be planning a Disney trip, remember the first rule of souvenirs: There’s no law that says you have to (over)pay for them at the park! Stock up on the cheap before you leave, then dole out the goodies each morning and watch your kids proclaim you to be the Best! Mom! Ever! You’ll save a ton, plus staunch the in-park “gimmes” that are liable to strike.

How do you do it? Check out DisneyShopping and work the sales and codes; use SHIPTODAY to ship your entire $89+ order for just $5. Stack that with code PRESDAY to amp up the savings this weekend, too (see the site for details—it’ll give you between 15% and 30% off, depending on what you spend).

So stock up and save. But don’t buy too much… I’m hoping you might have room in your suitcase for me.


  1. That’s EXACTLY what I’m doing…
    Stocking up NOW, we leave in 3 weeks.

  2. Good idea. My mother lives in Florida and says only the tourists buy expensive souveniers at the park, the locals buy them at Walmart,lol.

  3. Genius. I’ve never been to Disneyland, and may never go, but I’m mightily impressed with this tactic.

  4. mousesavers.com

    All families about to visit DW should check this site out. It can be hugely helpful. (Not affiliated, just a fan.)

  5. I did this when we went several years ago! I bought the little beanies of all the characters. As a bonus, the maid would set them all over our cabin each time they cleaned. It
    was so cute and made a lot of fun memories. However, now that no one is buying new homes we will probably never, ever get to go back:(.

  6. You can also take your kids (while in the Disneyland area) to the Disney Outlet. There is a lot of GREAT stuff from the park that may not have sold or they had to much in stock… and it all goes there. Kids are just has happy to go there and get more for their money!

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