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By Mir
February 12, 2009
Category Quick Tips

Yesterday while we were talking about the Kindle, Lori was kind enough to point out Project Gutenberg, a site where you can download hundreds of books for free because their copyright has expired. (Thanks, Lori!)

Today I’ll also point out that Books on Board also offers a selection of free books from Random House and also some other freebies.

Because free is good! Amen.


  1. I heard rumors that the Kindle 2 will only download from Amazon. Any idea if that is true, Mir?

  2. According to their wiki, there’s an email service available to convert other formats to the proprietary Kindle format, so it shouldn’t be a problem. HTH!

  3. Our local library also has free downloads. I think you “check” them out like regular books and have to “return” them to get different ones.

  4. this is beyond fantastic — thank you, lori and mir!!

  5. Thanks Mir – you rock!

    I love it!

  6. You can also get free audio books – takes public domain works (usually getting the text from Gutenberg) and volunteers read them. You can download the free .mp3 files and play them while you’re commuting, walking the dog, cooking, cleaning (if you do that; I never do) or brushing your teeth.

    And if you want something a little trashier/more recent, check out your public library’s website. Chicago’s has lots of eAudioBooks available for download.

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