It’s a holiday, all day

By Mir
February 16, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Oh, hey, it’s a day or reverence, or something, which of course means big sales, because that’s the American way. (“A moment of silence for our forefathers… and now, who wants 20% off??”)


Okay, so, if you’re needing electronics or appliances, you may want to check out the big savings for President’s Day over at Best Buy. It’s the kind of sale that makes my husband say, “Hey, that’s a really good price on a flat-screen TV. Really. It is. You’re not even listening to me. I’m going to buy a home theater. And an ANTELOPE.” (Needless to say, every day is a holiday at my house….)

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  1. And hey, it’s my birthday today!! I’m not a Best Buy sort of gal, but I may head over to Kohl’s with my coupons in hand. I would love me some deals on my special day and I’m SURE they are having a sale today! LOL

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