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By Mir
February 17, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

If I had Blu-ray, I’d be carefully choosing the movies I’m willing to spend my money on. They’d have to be great cinematic classics. They’d have to be films I’d want to watch over and over again. They’d have to involve Johnny Depp… preferably shirtless.


What was I talking about…? Oh, right! See, right now you can get the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy on Blu-ray at Amazon for just $48.99 shipped, which is over $20 cheaper than I can find it elsewhere. And that’s a whole lot of Depp action, and stuff. Yes.

Stop looking at me.


  1. Mmmmm Johnny Depp.

    Okay, now I’m awake! Thanks Mir.

  2. Thinking about it. Just got Blue Ray but do not have Wii yet. Hubby loves the Pirates series and Younger Teen loves Depp. Good actor, but a bit, erm, edgy for me. Banderas, yeah, that’s who I like looking at.

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