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By Mir
February 23, 2009
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About once or twice a month, we get Chinese take-out. And I eat mine with chopsticks. My children think I do this to be more authentic, but the truth is that I do it do that I’ll eat more slowly. And most Chinese food is—after all—amenable to chopsticks.

When I got tired of disposable chopsticks I hunted around for dishwasher-safe options, because I am nothing if not lazy. And I didn’t really want plastic. So I ended up with some very pretty stainless-steel chopsticks that are perfectly rounded, and so they are lovely but really, really hard to use.

While looking for alternatives, I came across this stainless chopstick set that’s actually, you know, sort of squared-off so that they work. If you need four pairs for $5.99, that’s a pretty nice deal. Plus they’re eligible for the 4-for-3 promotion, just in case you have a whole lot of friends who like to go fork-free on take-out night.


  1. I was JUST thinking I needed chopsticks – but for sewing, not eating.

  2. Mmm. I don’t use chopsticks very often, but I can’t pass up a deal. Or can I?

  3. Stainless steel? Wouldn’t that be terribly heavy? Speaking as a native chopstick-user, we’ve always used wooden chopsticks and recently switched to faux-enamel plastic due to worries about mold. Still, I can’t imagine eating with metal chopsticks.

  4. How do you use chopsticks in sewing?

    I’ve come to realize that eating egg noodles is much easier with chopsticks. Same goes for sauteed cabbage. In fact, I’m likely to grab chopsticks for anything I’m having trouble eating with a fork.

  5. They’re good for poking out corners when you turn something right side out after you’ve sewn it up.

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