Nobody puts Baby on sale. Oh, wait. . .

By Mir
February 23, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Hey, someday did put Baby on sale!

Remember back when Jennifer Grey was adorable and Patrick Swayze was incredibly hot, and Dirty Dancing was the most romantic movie ever? Amazon has the 20th Anniversary DVD edition of Dirty Dancing on sale for just $3.99 with free Prime shipping (or free Super Saver Shipping on $25+).

And if that’s not enough for you—though it should be, because it’s a two disc set and allows you to randomly declare “Nobody puts Baby in a corner!” with impunity—there’s more: Buy any qualifying DVD in February, and you’ll get an email telling you how to get a year of Rolling Stone, Us Weekly, or Men’s Health for just a buck.

This’d be worth it just for the magazine subscription, really. But why not get the movie that takes you back?


  1. OMG…I was going to order a few things on amazon anyway…and I LOVE this movie. “Baby? Is that your name? Go back to your playpen, BABY.” OMG I only own it on VHS. So, tempting….

    Thanks, Mir!

  2. HOW is this movie 20 years old??

    OMG. I’m so old.

  3. When my 18 year old bought this movie her first year in college (last year) I really did feel old. We’ve watched it together and I still get that same feeling I had when I watched it the first time. Yes, we’re that old.

  4. It’s actually only 8 issues of US weekly, not a year.

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