Tis the season. . .

By Mir
February 24, 2009

… for big sales on kids’ stuff at Target.

Right now get free shipping plus 15% off your $125+ purchase on kids’ furniture, plus if you click over to toys you’ll see that there’s a ton of stuff being clearanced. Shipping may get you on those toys, though, so you’ll just have to put things in your cart and see what they want to charge you to ship. (With many items 75% off, it may still be worth your while.)

A friend and I were just lamenting, the other day, that our gift closets are rather depleted after a season of birthday parties. Thank goodness for Target clearance!


  1. Oh, you’re kidding. I just bought a bunk bed from Kmart! I’ll have to check out the price difference and maybe return it.

  2. I posted the following freebies if you’re interested!

    Free tacos at Jack in the Box
    Free Quizno’s sub
    $3 Gevalia coffee deal (new code from last week!)
    $10 off a $10+ online purchase at JCPenney
    Free Kashi froxen entree
    Free baby blanket and toy

    Thanks for all your hard work! 🙂

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