Heap up the savings, today only

By Mir
February 25, 2009

You know I love a good free shipping code for Lands’ End, but sometimes you want to buy something there that’s pricier… and then it’s a better deal to pay the shipping but get a percentage off.

Maybe today’s your day: All day today (Wednesday, February 25th, 2009), you can use coupon code SAVE20 with PIN 00002138 to take 20% off your order. And right now outerwear is already 20% off, so combining the sale with these additional savings will get you 36% off, which may well outweigh free shipping.

Plus their new raincoats are so cute I’m seriously considering getting one just for the adorable factor. Even though I, you know, live in an area that’s currently in the worst drought for the last 100 years. Details.


  1. Well, there could always be a hurricane this summer. Though I suppose you’d have to go OUTSIDE in the hurricane to need the raincoat. At least, I HOPE so!

  2. Thanks! I desperately needed a new winter coat (even though winter is almost over) due to missing buttons, hole in pocket and more! Got a great camel wool coat on sale and the 20% paid for shipping. Yeah!

  3. Oh how I am coveting the Angel Down vest in Peacock. But I already got 2 earlier this winter and really, who needs three down vests in NC (or anywhere for that matter).

  4. I just tried to order something – this discount combo code does not include overstocks. FYI, everyone!

  5. The raincoats are too stinkin’ cute!!! I got the salsa orange and brown print. With the discounts it is a deal!!!

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