Mo’ Mozart, Mom

By Mir
February 25, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Feeling like you need a little more classical music around the house? Why not download The 99 Most Essential Mozart Masterpieces for just $3—this would be perfect for the iPod of a child who insists that he simply cannot do homework without music.

Now, how you’ll get him to listen to this instead of, um, other stuff… well, that part’s up to you.


  1. I’m 25 and passionately love this album. Maybe its the price the most (got it for $2 a few months back) but the music is great!

  2. Heh. To me “classical” is, say, Buddy Holly or Led Zeppelin. 😉

  3. Respect the classics, man! (Sorry! Couldn’t resist.) Fabu deal.

  4. woohoo! thanks!

  5. Thank YOU!

  6. awesome thanks!

  7. Um, Wow. For $3 how can you _not_ buy this. Thanks.

  8. Just a plug for good customer service…

    I ordered this and somehow it charged me $7.99 for the album. I emailed Amazon customer service and in less than one hour had an email back apologizing and refunding the full amount.

    Yay Amazon!

  9. Thank You! Mozart is … amazing.

  10. Excellent deal! THANK YOU!

  11. I am actually getting this for my 7 yr old daughter…she loves classical music!

  12. Thanks. I love Mozart.

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