By Mir
March 2, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Hey, have you heard the one about what happens when Georgia gets 5 inches of snow and ice and all the trees fall down and the power goes out while there a big tree blocking your driveway?

I’m not sure how it ends, yet. But I think it has something to do with the chainsaw my husband is wielding….

(Sorry for the delay in posting, today. Will be back online—and heated—soonish, I hope.)


  1. I used to live in SC and getting *any* snow would shut down everything and cause mass hysteria. OK, maybe not hysteria, but it did seem to make people go a little crazy. 🙂

  2. And you thought you left all that behind when you left New England!!! Seems like EVERYONE is getting some kind of weather related power outage this winter. Hope you are powered up soon.

  3. Good luck with the snow. This is why I live in AZ. It will be 90 degrees today.

  4. I live in Cartersville, GA and we got NOTHING! I’m so jealous! 30 minutes East or South of us got snowed out of school today. My 4 and 6 year olds have never played in snow in our own back yard! I want a do-over!

  5. I live in North Dakota and we have had 60 inches of snow so far this winter! The local paper was advising people to take out flood insurance (NOT something we normally need!)before the six foot banks of snow begin to melt! We keep chanting to ourselves “spring is coming, spring…IS…COMING”! 🙂

  6. Lisa needs to sit down and be quiet.

  7. I think it had something to do with your packing up all those sweaters/turtlenecks.

  8. ugh, I hope you are un-snowed in soon. I bet the kids are loving it though. We did have a hot weekend here in Phoenix. I even got a sunburn being out all day on saturday in shorts. We’ll try the pool next weekend if it stays warm.

  9. Brrr. I thought Georgia was supposed to be nice and warm. Good luck.

  10. How inconvenient! I hope things get back to normal soon!

  11. Wow, glad to hear that the driveway-blocking tree decided not to visit your house! I hope you’re all dug out and powered up soon; keep warm!

  12. you folks are all welcome to send some of that wet stuff to colorado! We are DRY DRY, crackly worrisome dry. We need SNOW!!!

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