Peace, love, and ugly shoes

By Mir
March 5, 2009

Today’s Deal of the Day at is all Earth shoes are just $39.95.

Earth shoes aren’t the most attractive shoes I’ve ever seen (ahem), but they’re extremely eco-friendly, and their “negative heel technology” (the shoes are higher at the toes, slightly, than at the heel) has been proven to help you burn more calories and tone your leg muscles. They’re also usually over $100 a pair, so if you’ve been wanting some, this is the deal to get.

Hopefully you have a nice hemp shirt to wear them with.


  1. I dunno, I think the Flora flip-flops would be cute with a linen sundress 🙂

  2. Oh, they’re not THAT ug–well, those red Nantucket flats are pretty hideous.

  3. I would love a nice hemp blouse. My husband has a couple of hemp shirts, and they are so soft and comfortable, and very, very nice in hot weather.

  4. They’re very comfortable shoes! I wear them while I make vegetarian spinach enchiladas, with cream of chicken soup. (Chicken is a vegetable, according to my sister)

  5. Peace! These look a lot nicer than the Earth Shoes I wore in high school.

  6. So are they really Earth Shoes again? Walmart had some for a few years that were called Earth Shoes, but didn’t have the lower-heel thing so far as I could tell. And actually, were not as ugly as those pictures, either – Crystal’s comment made me laugh!

  7. The Wal-Mart ones are still sold and the brand is actually Earth Spirit, but I think they count on people confusing them with Earth Shoes. They’re all leather, though, which is not very Earth-spirity, in my opinion.

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