It’s a cake-for-breakfast Friday

By Mir
March 6, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

No, really. We had company for dinner last night, and ended up eating pretty late. I sent the kids to bed before dessert (much to their dismay), and made it up to them this morning by letting them have chocolate cake for breakfast. (Hey, it had eggs… and milk… and flour… and, um, hey—look over there! Something shiny!) Now I’m thinking every Friday should start out with a slice of chocolate cake for breakfast! What a fitting end to the week.

My hips disagree; they suggest I just stick to the Amazon Friday Sale. (Hmph.)

Hey, the Swiss Army messenger bag is bag! I don’t know if I really believe the “original” price of $145, but at $39.99 it’s a great deal for your favorite guy on the go (available in three colors, too).

Women’s Adidas running shoes for under $33? The fact that they’re called “Supernova” is just an added bonus.

Okay, I’m about to reveal my inner hippie (maybe I need those Earth shoes from yesterday…?), but I love these bowls. They’re down to $9.99 for the set of four, plus they’re eligible for the four-for-three promotion, so you could really clean up. (It looks like other pieces in the Sango Splash line are similarly eligible, so you could put together a set if you wanted to.)

Are you always cold at night? This dual-zone queen mattress pad warmer may be the solution. I used to love my warming mattress pad, back when I lived in the arctic tundra of the northeast, and when I didn’t yet know the joy of hot flashes. You’re welcome.

This watch is my pick of the day for retail gone wrong. (Hey, kids! Let’s spend $80 on a cool-looking watch that may or may not actually allow you to see what time it is!) Oh, wait… maybe I mean this one, instead. (Sure, I have a nice watch, but where are the dice to go with it?)

Ack, I have to offset those ridiculous watches with something worth looking at. Okay, this one is a great bargain at $17.99, and a good pick for a teen.

Don’t forget to check out the Friday Five, five MP3 albums for just $5 each—the soundtrack from Coraline is one of this week’s picks! And, of course, keep your eye on the Gold Box for today’s Lightning Deals, too.

Now go have some cake for breakfast. I promise it’s a lovely way to start the day!


  1. I love the Bill Cosby bit about chocolate cake for breakfast. Dad is great! Gives us the chocolate cake!

  2. But accordig to Bill Cosby you have to eat it with grapefruit juice. 🙂

  3. We have cake for breakfast sometimes too! It is the same as waffles or pancakes. That watch is total messed up! LOL! :o)

  4. what’s wrong with cake for breakfast? not a darn thing, that’s what!

  5. I’ve been looking for a nice watch, a colorful set of dice and a deck of playing cards. Sure I have LOL!!

  6. I clicked through to check out those ice cream bowls…one of the product features is “fully accessorized”. Does that mean they come with ice cream in them???

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