Of course I do!

By Mir
March 10, 2009

You know how it is with me and shoes, right? Right. Well, Shoes.com understands me so very well, they’ve done me a solid: Through March 14th, 2009, you can take 20% off your purchase there with the Want Not exclusive coupon WANTSHOES.

Because, really, I always do.

(Now would be a good time to pick up those shoes you’ll need for Easter, by the way. Just sayin’.)


  1. wow. nice!

  2. Can I stack this with the 20SAVE promo? I don’t want to get my hopes up shopping if I have to choose…

  3. @ ADifferentLaura: No, I tried 🙁 . But with Mir’s coupon, at least you don’t have to spend $100. Or, if you spend more, you get more than the $20 off. I’m shopping for sandals 🙂

  4. Hmm, the WANTSHOES promo isn’t working for me… ??? It says “20% off” and “promo applied” but the discount is $0 and the total is still the same…

  5. Thank you Mir! I was in need of buying my baby girl (aged 2) new shoes and as you well know, those cute little feet grow pretty fast…. and this has helped save me a lot.

  6. Doesn’t work on Keen shoes. 🙁 “Item not valid for discount.”

  7. Thanks, Mir! I bought a darling pair of “hipsters”! Maybe they’ll make me as pretty as you. Maybe.

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