Surely we’re all adjusted now

By Mir
March 14, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

You know… to the time change. It’s been a week! Surely you popped right out of bed nice and early, this morning! Hahahahahaha! I crack myself up.

Ahem. Okay, well, now that we’re all awake… perhaps we shall shop!

The once-monthly Saturday Sale at is back, and today is also your last day to use the Want Not exclusive coupon WANTSHOES for 20% off your order. This sale is my favorite time to grab up some pretty things, so check it out.

I don’t know why this fleece zip jacket is only $7.95, but for that price, I’m not asking questions. Free Super Saver Shipping eligible, too.

Old Navy’s got dresses on sale this weekend, starting at $15. Despite their somewhat scary commercials with the mannequins (have you seen those? kinda creepy!), it could be a good time to grab a deal.

This weekend you can save up to 60% at the Domestications Clearance Blowout, if you need to stock up on sheets and things. Also, you can use coupon code D9BAFFF to save $10 off your $50+ purchase.

Overstock’s got two deals going on this weekend: First, memory foam bedding is 10% off with $1 shipping, and second, jewelry and watches are 10% – 25% off with free shipping. (Insert your own joke about a memory foam mattress and a pair of diamond earrings here.)

Come back later today for another giveaway to get you ready for Earth Day. (Your very own tree to hug!) (Not really.)


  1. I wish the fleece jacket were a half-zip. Those are so hard to find these days, and my teenager (blind, Asperger’s) still has trouble engaging a zipper. I buy a lot of his clothes at thrift and consignment stores because i can actually find a half-zip jacket or two on their racks.

  2. I was so excited about the shoe sale that I raced right over to buy a pair of Frye boots…not included in the sale code. Major bummer but thanks for keeping the codes coming our way…eventually I’ll find one that works on Frye! 🙂

  3. Those Old Navy commercials are a bit creepy, but still make me giggle every time! Especially the “shelf” comment, haha! My 5 yr old cracks up each time to see mannequins with their heads on backwards looking at their butts 😉

  4. I love those maxi dresses, but I think I would feel like I was wearing a nightgown all day.

  5. I don’t need kiddie napkins (don’t tell Otto I called them that – if you are putting them in his lunch, too). That’s why this comment is here instead of mucking-up your contest.

    We have used cloth napkins at our dinner table since the beginning of our marriage (>20 years) – just ’cause Hubby likes them better. Since our honeymoon years were in the ecologically-advanced NW US, we were able to take great pride in using them. Cloth napkins are I bet you could convert easily.

    I don’t change them daily, certainly not per meal – except for guests! That comes from my first trip to Europe in ’73. The ‘hotel’ we stayed at in Florence was a converted convent. Upon arriving to the dining room an austere waiter informed us (American teens) that we were to sit at the same place each meal, and return our napkins to the little drawer under the table cloth. I guess the concept stayed with me.

    I’ll be posting on camping soon, Mir. Come on over for a beginner lesson, eh?

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