Maybe I’ll be better at this one

By Mir
March 15, 2009

We’re having a lazy Sunday, here, and the children have been delighting themselves by beating the pants off of me at Mario Kart. It is very sad. Rather, I am very sad.

Now I see that Wario Land: Shake It! is on sale at Amazon for just $27.83 shipped (normally $50!), and I can’t help but wonder: Would I be better at that game?

Because I really sort of miss my pants.


  1. Especially given how much trouble you had finding those suckers!

    Are the kids still young enough that you can get your pants back by tickling them until they can’t breathe?

  2. No, you won’t be better at that game. I rented it (well, technically, got it out of the library for the week) and found the learning curve to be unpleasantly steep. And all of the shaking gave me a headache. 😛

  3. Ooooh, if you don’t have it and want a Mario game that is FUN, get Paper Mario. It rocks. And even I can play.

  4. The Wario games are fun. They’re pretty strange though. My husband can’t figure them out and he hates them but I find them strangely addictive.

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