Easy T-sy

By Mir
March 16, 2009

For one week only, Threadless has a bumper crop of groovy t-shirts marked down to just $5 apiece. Now’s a great time to stock up—shipping is very reasonable (I’ve ordered a dozen shirts and had the shipping be only a couple dollars more than for just one), and who doesn’t want a bunch of t-shirts that say things like, “The art of conversation is, like, kinda dead and stuff”?

No one, that’s who.


  1. Already picked up 5 shirts for the little laundry machine, including one I’ve been watching (but wouldn’t spend $18 on) since Xmas, for $32 shipped!

  2. Thank you! i just got 8 tshirts!

  3. Thanks! I did a little Spring shopping for Chico, and picked up 1 (or 4) for myself!

  4. You should also buy “Meat is tasty tasty murder” in your daughter’s honor!

  5. These are very cool–Thanks, Mir!

  6. Okay, fine. FINE. Fine. Every time you post one of these Threadless deals, I go and start adding stuff to my cart and then get overwhelmed by all the choices and the This Is New To Me aspect and I buy NOTHING. Today I told myself not to be such a baby, and I bought eleven shirts. Yes, eleven.

  7. Cool! I had a $25 gift card so I got four shirts for $1.96 shipped. Thanks Mirrrrr

  8. Anyone else think $8.40 is kind of high to ship 4 t-shirts?

  9. The shipping goes down a lot if you buy large quantities, apparently. I know when I considered buying just one, the shipping was ridiculous.

  10. Thanks for that! I took care of two upcoming birthdays.

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